Recon Support Company Commnader Bug

4 years ago

Hi, I have created this post to report a bug in a USF Commander: "Recon Support Company".

The bug is very simple. The last hability, "Airdropped Combat Group", has a description that not correspond with the action of that hability.

I'm a Spanish player, so I have translated the hability's description that you can see in the next picture of my game:

"You can deploy two squads of support paratroopers on the battlefield (carrying a random set of equipment), an anti-tank gun and a unit of three soldiers to handle."

When I use this hability don´t appear the "unit of three soldiers" to handle the antitank gun.

My questions is: Where is the bug, in the action of the hability or in the description?

Thank you for all and I wait your answer.


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    4 years ago
    omar_empomar_emp United Arab EmiratesPosts: 533

    (two squads of paratroopers can be para dropped into the battlefield along with an AT gun.these paratroopers are deployed with a random set of equipment). the description is bugged but it should be a third squad to man the AT gun which the commmander is broken it got nothing useful

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