Complete loss of every single drop since I started playing

4 years ago
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I was greeted with THIS, tell me that I used a program rather then the map which I constantly asked for clarification and was told by the responding Relic Developer that MAPS and MAP grinding was NOT considered using an "unfair" program. Now literally thousands of hours (roughly 1800+ on the Steam gameplay time) and 1020 items are GONE from my entire inventory and for what reason, because I sure didn't use a program to "unfairly abuse the system".

I am calling this a bug because to me that it exactly what it is, I was told, read everywhere that they were not punishing MAP users.
"*Duplicate inventory items that were earned using a War Spoils farming mod will be salvaged without any Supply given to the player. In other words, farmed War Spoils have a Supply value of 0." Quoted from Relic's own blog post.

"@vile said:
I have also played this game for 3 yrs nearly 3.5k hours & have many repeats thats how I was forced to delete bulitins, had the e-mail I sent given hope of this or any system being Implemented I would not have delete anything as it stands now I've got nearly 900(repeats mainly) of the things you must have bad drop luck., -500 supply for losing is not enough, of a penalty whats to stop ppl setting up an automatch Vs AI & losing intentionally, I tried this without building any units & the game was void(thank god), but had I made a pretence of fighting back hows the AI to know wether Im just bad at the game or trollin it. Griefing unfortunatly cannot be punished but inactivity can, & should be. A very good point I agree with, & made by, comrade_d_:- 'It seems the limit is meant to encourage players to play automatch. Relic seems to have this subtle agenda of trying to make players play more PvP automatch instead of custom games, which I think will negatively impact the playerbase. It's the usual ironic "make them work harder even though it kills them" business mentality'.well said. Having the same colour for bullitins/commanders is not helpful where I could tell at a glance what I wanted to use before I can no longer do.
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This is not our intention. We've removed restrictions on mods as much as we can in order to let players play how they want to. Unfortunately there's always abuse when we open the game up more and we need some level of protection in place. Automatch has built in protections that allow us to relax these constraints. (So we can see how you might perceive that, but it's not the case)"

Another post from the same Relic developer: "
•Drops from modded games DO count. Drops from any mod that was designed and created for the sole purpose of farming War Spoils does not."

The map that was used before it was taken down by the user apparently.
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    If you read that message, it says the bulletins you got from farming will be removed or something. That means the bulletins that you got from the actual auto match should still give you coins which is not the case here. Please fix this relic.

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    Yet it flies in the face of everything that the Dev posted in that exact thread, saying custom maps would not be effected as they are not considered mods or external programs, yet here we are.

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    To clarify, anyone who used the farming Mod "Pepperidge Farm" excessively (50+ farmed War Spoils drops using this mod) did not receive any Supply or received a significantly lower amount of supply depending on their usage of said mod. Pepperidge Farm was an AFK farming mod which there was no question of its intended use (hence why it was banned on the Steam Workshop and could only be attained through alternate channels after that).

    Any use of any other mod did not receive any type of punitive action (regardless if it was used for farming or not).

    Keep in mind that we've allowed farmers to keep the unique items they attained through farming and no bans were given at this time. This will not be the case for the future.

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