[okw][all] add caches or supply drop... to okw



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    3 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    Supply truck would probably cost 200MP right? Okw float MP like a mofo.. Pop supply trucks where you can, then keep calling them in and blasting them with a rak. Slavage for the opposite of resource starved effect.
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    3 years ago
    iA3 - HHiA3 - HH IRANPosts: 288

    we should test it in Balance preview

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    3 years ago
    ElSlayerElSlayer Posts: 230
    edited June 2016

    @iA3 - HH said:

    @ElSlayer said:

    @iA3 - HH said:
    play with okw is impossible without wehrmacht,
    expensive tech, buildings and tanks,

    OKW have cheapest tech, still have free stuff with buildings
    and is designed to have low amount of highly effective armor, especially in terms of survivability (from medium and up)

    @iA3 - HH said:
    no defensive structure

    Free flak canon on T4, sandbags, cheap anti-everything schu mines
    With certain doctrine bunkers

    @iA3 - HH said:
    i know okw tech and tanks cost is almost same with other factions,

    So they have "expensive tech" and in the same time "almost same as other factions"

    @iA3 - HH said:
    but other fuctions have caches,


    OKW have cheapest tech ?!!!

    Yes. It is achieved mostly because other factions have to pay for mandatory stuff which OKW gets just by paying for teching: healing, grenades, weapon upgrades, additional repairs.

    @iA3 - HH said:
    and have free stuff ?? which free stuff ?

    Free medics/repair station.
    Free access to panzerschrek upgrade, volks flame nade, AA gun.

    @iA3 - HH said:
    Flak canon is useless, who build a flak with 120 fuel cost in frontline,

    Flak canon can be valuable even if used conservatively, for example, as a cutoff protection.

    @iA3 - HH said:
    sandbag is defensive structure ?! wow be careful, sandbags are very dangerous and powerful,

    So, you can't get value out of buildable green cover?

    @iA3 - HH said:
    axis bunkers versus british emp are nothing

    It is like saying: AEC versus KT is nothing.

    @iA3 - HH said:
    when dont have caches, exchange... is expensive

    tell me how much fuel you can get from salvage in a game ? and how much you can get from caches, supply drops ?

    Suggestion to replace salvage with caches is ok.
    Suggestion to just to add ability to build caches is over the top.
    As far as I know OKW tends to float MP in mid game and have best late game.

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