Bug in-game store: supply disappeared & item not added

5 years ago


Today I noticed a bug in the in-game webshop. Here is exactley what I did and what happened:

1) noticed the awesome "Desert Rats" El Alamein Skin (H)
2) I wanted to buy it with supply but instead of click "buy with supply" I clicked "add to cart"
3) Oops, noticed this was not what I wanted. Afterwards I clicked "buy with supply". Transaction OK, -3750 supply. I had exactley 12000 before

4) When I went to my loadout I noticed that the new skin was not there. Afterwards I went back to the shop and saw that this item was still in "my cart". That must have been the cause of the bug.
5) Removed the item from cart afterwards, but supply is still gone and I don't have the skin.

Would really appreciate a refund of supply OR the actual skin if possible? ;-) It's the (H) summer skin.

My steam name is bl3ssthefall .

Cheers, thank you in advance.


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    5 years ago

    would appreciate some feedback :/

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    5 years ago
    dukejasondukejason Posts: 1,427 mod

    So your saying that you purchased the skin and did not see in inventory,so you did double check of cart and was able to cancel but still lost supply?

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    4 years ago
    Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

    Hey, so I checked your account and Desert Rats" El Alamein Skin (H) is in your inventory, so I am not sure what the problem is. You realize that you purchased just the Summer Heavy variant of the skin and not the whole skin set, right?

    I also tried to repo the steps you outlined and had no issue. When I bought the item with Supply, the item in my cart was automatically removed and the item was added to my inventory.

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