Problem with emplacment and USA and Soviet late game.

3 years ago

The biggest Problem is the emplacment and the commanders that are making them overpowerded like hell. If you don t fix them the game will die. The Emplacement Regiment in the Balance Preview Mod is still incredibly broken.Munitions cost and recharge on base artillery does not affect the OP commander at all. Goliath is not viable when your opponent has a bofors. Base artillery still seems able to fire into opponent's base which is incredibly over performing for a game where the idea is to keep units alive. Base = safezone. The Brace is also stupid and should at least cost some munitions. The USA need a heavy tank in there tech trea Like a Jumbo sherman. The Svoiet should get an IS 1 in there T4. The OKW and the brits should get a normal mortar too. Every pio should have access to flamethrowers without commander pick.


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