Oberkommando der Wehrmacht

10 months ago
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why relic use "Oberkommando west" as name for second axis army ? Oberkommando der Wehrmacht is correct


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    10 months ago
    captainjordycaptainjo… Posts: 491

    This should be posted in Historical Discussion, but I think Relic called it West as in Western Front.

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    10 months ago
    iA3 - HHiA3 - HH IRANPosts: 266

    ow sorry, but still its wrong, west was a part of okw operations, they was active in north afrika and italy too

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    10 months ago
    WiderstreitWiderstre… Posts: 731
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    There is no reason. There was SS and Wehmacht. BUT you can say, we have "Oberkommando der Wehrmacht" = OKW and "Oberkommando des Heeres" = OKH or Ostheer. OKH controled many units in the east without followeing OKW's orders, also the SS was involved there with some men. This is one reason, why the Westfront was a clean and the Ostfront was a dirty warfare.

    But, let speak about that in the hicorical discussion.

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    10 months ago
    iA3 - HHiA3 - HH IRANPosts: 266

    i found wehrmacht Command structure in this page
    OKW is a coordinator center not a operational center, but i understand okw and wehrmacht is best as name for armies

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    10 months ago
    comrade_daelincomrade_d… Posts: 2,886

    Because there is no other suitable name. They already used "Wehrmacht" for the Ostheer faction, they're not going to retro-fit the faction name so they can use Wehrmacht for another faction as well.
    I suppose it would have worked if they made the Ostheer official name as "Oberkommando Heer", or OKH, but I'm sure at that point they haven't hashed out a DLC faction for West German forces.

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