Little idea about custom commander

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Little idea about custom commander

Read the above leaked image mines began to believe or intend to open a custom commanders mines are most worried about is nothing more than fear of breaking its own sources of revenue, but unfortunately mine was not too Emmanuel mind, is it not in fact paid a way to customize ~
Talk about their views a little immature, appetizers
1: Custom Commander Added For Sale:
Custom commander can only edit their own commanders already have the skills, that is to say if you want to edit almost all the skills necessary to have all the commanders of the camp before they can
(~ Promotional benefit existing and future sale of the commander)

2: Customize commander Sale:
The lowest such experienced commanders (price ~ commander × 3) skills once a month can re-edit
Better excellent commander (Commander of the price ~ × 5) can re-edit a skill one week
The most senior commanders of the elite, (the price ~ commander × 7) can be re-edited once a day

3: Increase the sale of Commander location bar:
On the basis of currently available simultaneously with three commanders plus one to three commanders
The fourth location bar (priced at ~ commander × 3)
The fifth location bar (priced at ~ commander × 5)
The sixth location bar (priced at ~ commander × 7)
(Benefits ~ obsessive-compulsive disorder players will definitely buy six custom commander match)


看了上面的泄漏图片相信水雷开始还是打算开放自定义指挥官的,水雷最担心的无非是怕断了自己的财路,无奈水雷脑子不是太灵光,其实付费自定义何尝不是个办法 ~
1 : 自定义指挥官上架出售 :
(好处 ~ 促销现有及将来发售的指挥官)

2 : 自定义指挥官分类出售 :
最低等的老练指挥官,(售价 ~ 指挥官×3)技能一个月可以重新编辑一次
好一点的优秀指挥官,(售价 ~ 指挥官×5)技能一周可以重新编辑一次
最高级的精英指挥官,(售价 ~ 指挥官×7)可以一天重新编辑一次

3 : 增加出售指挥官位置栏 :
第四个位置栏(售价 ~ 指挥官×3)
第五个位置栏(售价 ~ 指挥官×5)
第六个位置栏(售价 ~ 指挥官×7)
(好处 ~ 强迫症玩家绝对会买六个自定义指挥官匹配的)


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