Hacker Caught or Major Bug?

4 years ago
edited June 2016 in General Discussion

So I was playing a normal 3vs3, things were going well for us Axis. Russian guy was MG spamming while 2 americans were doing their thing. We had the upper hand till light vehicles and tanks came out for Allies. 1 American guy called a stuart and it just kept shooting non stop...from accross the map, wiping out infantry and buildings...then I believe the same guy called EZ8 Sherman...and that thing just wiped out my panther in less than 3 seconds...from their base...soon it targeted my infantry and just wiped them out completely. It seems though he got out of it and gave it to his ally. I wasn't the only one seeing this as for my random allies saw it too.

I've never seen anything like this in CoH2. I have plenty of hours and this is a first. I assume it was hacking cause...it never happened to me before. It ruined my fun in the game :(

Anyways, here is a video from my perspective. Also here is the playback recording from my Mediafire. I hope relic bans this jerk or something.

EDIT : Attached the recording.


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