Trics Map Making Contest 2016

4 years ago
TricTric Posts: 11

Tric's 2016 Map Making Contest

Ever thought about making your own maps and having them be considered by Relic for inclusion in the 1v1 automatch rotation? Well now is your chance to try it out and give it a go! With the community here, we will be seeking to create unique and inspired maps which will bring some love to CoH2.

In the first half of the two part contest, we will be giving contestants a 2 month long period of sharing, feedback and testing. Each person is allowed to submit 1 map for each visual category (Urban, Rural, and Industrial). The maps will be judged based on the following guidelines. Please note that these are merely guidelines, so creativity and non-standard maps will still be viewed and have feedback given accordingly.

Date and Schedule

Wikiepdia for time zone conversion

Submission period

June 30th – August 27th 2016 @ midnight EST

Registration details

The fully monitored forums will be over on and will require account with the site.

Post all of the following information when you register your map(s) in the 2016 Map Making tourney sub-section:

  • -Your Map Name
  • -The link to your maps workshop Page
  • -The link to your maps .sga file (uploaded to a website such as speedyshare or mediafire)
  • -Visual Category (Urban, Rural, Industrial)
  • -If you are comfortable with your map being play tested and shown on stream (this is purely at my discretion, I just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.)

Mapmaker Winner Announcements

Early September, official date will be announced when we are close to the end date.

Part 2: 1v1 tourney based on the new maps

Details will be provided later, but is penciled in for September or October 2016


Your map will be submitted to Relic for consideration to be integrated into automatch rotation, but we cannot guarantee that they will be added. Relic will be the final arbiter on this aspect.

  • The Grand Prize Winner of the map making competition will win a special hardware prize donated by Relic Entertainment
  • 1st place map for each visual category will each receive 50k supply, donated by Relic Entertainment
  • Your map will be featured in the 2nd part of the contest: the 1v1 tournament which will have its own set of 1v1 prizes, as follows:-

    • 1st Place = 50k Supply and 60% of the prize pool

    • 2nd Place = 25k Supply and 25% of the prize pool

    • 3rd Place = 10k Supply and 15% of the prize pool

Part 2 - 1v1 Tournament

Details will be provided later, but is penciled in for September/October 2016

After the 1v1 tourney is over and the winner is decided, the players who participated in the tourney will vote on their favorite map and give us the Map Maker winner for the grand prize!

Feeling Generous?

You can help contribute to the prize pool via donations to Tric's Twitch TV stream as well. Just make sure that you put a memo in the donation that it is to be used for the prize pool. There will also be special streams which will be run entirely to raise money for the prize pool.

Concerns or Questions?

If there are any concerns, questions or something is unclear, please let Tric or one of the other organizers know. We will assist you the best we can. Any answers or solutions we devise will be final.

If you have any tips or feedback, feel free to contact Tric as well.

Remember that we will be exclusively using the forums for submissions and direct feedback, to find the forums head on over to


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    4 years ago

    This is very nice, but what about 2v2 map making contesnt next? 2v2 automatch map pool has probably the worst maps at the moment :(

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    4 years ago
    Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 484 admin

    @Exterminatus said:
    This is very nice, but what about 2v2 map making contesnt next? 2v2 automatch map pool has probably the worst maps at the moment :(

    Next time!

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    4 years ago
    RappyRappy Posts: 39
    Yes I agree. The current 2v2 community automatch maps are an abomination. Shateau luvnest and hamlet are just disgusting maps. So not fun to play and ridiculously imbalanced. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put thick mud all over a map was clearly having a laugh. There must be some better ones out there. The previous selection was much better.
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    4 years ago

    Will Relic organise the next mapping contest? Because i think it is a shame that Relic has organised e-sports events and donated money for pvp tournaments but the mappers who have done free to play content werent honoured at all (only a small number was selected for pvp rotation and stuff like this). Even skin artists had a big event with a nice price... The current mapping contest was organised by the community (thx @ Tric) and the mappers got only war loot from relic. The pvp tournament is now paid with money collected from the community. Okay. It is great that there will be a hardware prize for the grand prize winner but thats a small prize compared with all the money Relic spent for the pvp stuff and the prizes for the skin contest winners. I think is not fair to ignore the free content creators.
    But okay. CoH 2 is already 3 years old and the number of players is melting so perhaps it is no longer profitable for a company to invest into the mod content section and start events for mappers or modders (no tools).
    Otherwise form my fan based point of view (and map creator point of view) it is sad story.
    Perhaps Relic will surprise us in the future with new CoH 2 content and the opportunity for mappers to be part of this gaming community.

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