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4 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133
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Well, let's say that the Soviet Union has good troops, Yes, but they are very expensive and the fact that they have only the commander. Why not make a commander, which will only improve existing troops, but without adding any additional command units. After all, the USSR had a very bad initial troops, largely inferior in power, armament and discipline of the Wehrmacht, especially the West. So make Commander, who displayed ability at level 0 command points, but acting only on the existing standard troops. And yet, turn to the commander of the nurses, as the Soviets unlike the Americans and the British, the doctors are only at the base. Full list of the commander :
1) Instant production of troops ( to Remove the command "Retreat") - 0
2)headquarters - 0
3) Development of the Armory racks - 2
4) Medics (ambulance ) - 2
5) For Home / Hold the line - 4


The tactic of "Logistics"
1) Development of weapons-racks - 0
2) ambulance / Medics - 1
3) Medical kit marine - 2
4) the Penalty box with PPS - 2
5) supply Truck (ZIS-6) - 3

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