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3 years ago
Sri_vakaSri_vaka India Posts: 45

Can someone help me with these doubts i have.. thank you in advance.

  1. Con squads needs to buy AT nads and molotov from base(which costs much) and axis can unlock them by constructing buildings?
  2. Con vet 1 compared any other axis infantry vet 1 upgrade?? (trip wire is practically useless in my opinion)
  3. T-70 dies to 2 AT shots and it's repair costs 60 muni and still engine damage won't go off.
  4. Ketyusha super low health compared to stuka and the fact that we can get it only in T-4.
  5. Gaurds always drops their weapons(well most of the times), when upgraded with DPLMG(so much risk involved in upgrading i mean)
  6. Very weak nads of gaurds and shocks compared to that of a volksgren of wehrmacht for the same cost?
  7. Scout car more tanky than a T-70 (or same.. comparing their costs)
  8. Secure mode Vet-1 upgrades to heavy tanks like IS-2, K-2 etc.
  9. T-3 teching cost of soviets compared to the type of units we get from that building(very low health and super risky)
  10. Last but not least... Cons squads in the late game.. i mean is there any infantry unit as useless as cons in the late game? (pls don't say engineer squads)

I don't mean Soviets are weak or Axis are OP, but these questions puzzle me when ever I lose a game mainly because of the above reasons. Many good players play Soviets and win games easily.. but that doesn't make Soviets well balanced and easy to play.
Please be nice while answering as I'm still new to this game and play mainly as soviets. So I would've made some mistakes, help me correct them. TY


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    3 years ago
    1. Cons are in HQ, Grens not. They have mg42 in HQ which costs 260 over the 240 for soviet mg because of that.
      Also okw has no other early counter vs mg spam in houses.

    2. Axis Vet1 is healing for 20 munition per use but not on the own squad its on an other squad... Also useless, better building healing bunker for 150mp and 60 ammo. I think they should change both!

    3. Agree

    4. And what are about panzerwerfer/priest? Both are not stuka. Factions are designed to not be the same.

    5. Agree

    6. Because okw has no early counter to mgs in houses. Wehr can use mortar.

    7. I dont think so?

    8. Agree. Never the less I've seen some games this abbility saved the victory by locking down a VP.

    9. Just the design of the faction. You're teching by buildings. Wehr has to tech each level and than build the T3/4.

    10. They can be usefull. But not as much as US Riflemen or UKF IS. They are outstanding with double bars or even the holy double brens wiping squad.

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    3 years ago
    BeardedragonBeardedra… Posts: 1,495
    edited July 2016

    @HellgateGuru said:
    1. Cons are in HQ, Grens not. They have mg42 in HQ which costs 260 over the 240 for soviet mg because of that.
    Also okw has no other early counter vs mg spam in houses.

    The soviet MG is 260.

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    3 years ago
    hsk9146hsk9146 Posts: 153
    1. thats sort of annoying but how many times have you found a MG in a team game super early, when in this situation it's useful to get the molly after 2 cons. it sort of gives you flexibility, but the cost of those 2 upgrades is quite significant and probably not really that much necessary.

    2. I don't know, apparently they do deal dmg. never used them really, but did once before the patch. But they do seem lackluster.

    3. cheaper repair? or 2 AT hits and a snare worth of hp sounds pretty balanced i guess.

    4. That's true but close range katy is quite op

    5. if ur con squad picks it up, you have an extra ptrs at ur disposal and axis players woudn't pick them up so they are going to be lying around for ever until you pick it up.

    6. shitty nades, but apparently and probably historically accurate?

    7. true, and I also feel that the t-70 takes so much time to kill it also. it literally takes forever and we also have to take into consideration that the t-70 takes 2 AT shots and repair impedes shooting. Quite dangerous to try to kill it with t-70

    8. never used secure mode extensively since su-85 is the only functional tank and because it doesn't have it. if I get dumb and get a t34/76 and get it to vet before it dies I do it whenever I remember that it has it. Regarding heavy tanks having it, never used on a KV8 due to the fact that it feels to important and sluggish to send it somewhere else. KV2, is quite hard to vet and even if I vet it I feel the same way as the KV8. IS2 never used this tank extensively but I would probably either do it because I would feel it's a bit more mobile and or not because KV8 reasons.

    9. It would be super cool to have the building cost reduced, but I don't really care much about the tech cost of it. I don't really think it would be game breaking but that's just me. And yea the units there are a bit risky to use, but no t-70 is hard, since all grens and volks are going to have their weapon upgrades and are going to be killing ur inf like crazy.

    10. yea they seem to suck and just be there to snare enemy tanks and get caught on enemy MG fire. It would be cool to have them have some kind of weapon upgrade of some sort. They are good close range fighters, but closing in in the late game is hard since there are are more things to micro... Usually ends up with all of them inside a mg cone
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