this isnt balanced

3 years ago

relic with the last actulization is imposible (or very difficult) win with the factions german, the volksgranadier should use panzerwerfer (bazooka) because the oberkomando havent at good antitank is true that they have good tank but yours tank are very cost also the allies too have tank very strong for example IS2, jackson with amno antitank (is very very strong) tank comet, etc; all the allies have good anti tank, good infantery with bazooka and good tank while that oberkomando west only have good tank, havent good antitank then the volksgranadier shoiuld use panzerwerfer is true that assault engineers can use panzerwerfer but this unit is very cost, easy kill and in the min 12 aproximately isnt recommendable use this unit for destroyer tank in my opinion if the volksgranadier can use panzerwerfer or stg44 (how the player prefer) will get best strategy, best funny and the most important best balanced in multi playe, the assault engineers with flomethrover (using the general) and support kit is most that sufficient.

About the german wehrmarcht in my opinion the panzer 4 should cost 350 point and 100 or 110 oil because the pazer 4 have same power that t-34 and this only cost 300 point and 90 oil (also i think that t-34 have more resistance) while that panzer 4 cost 350 points and 125 oil (in my opinion this tank is very weak for your cost in oil) havent sense that this tank cost 125 oil when you resistence is the same or inferior at t-34 also is incedible that one tank comet destroyer o can destroyer 3 panzer 4 of the wehrmatch, i think that panzer 4 should be more resistance or put more cheap this tank for get best balanced.

thank you for listen me that have good day.


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    3 years ago
    hsk9146hsk9146 Posts: 153
    Not a okw player but i understand what ur saying. But i have played them and i liked the schreks but i do feel that having so many shreks running around is not a good idea. I mean playing against pgrens is a pain in the ass. Volks total 3 of those things and flanking can evade mg fire cone and doing this is easier with 3 squads. Maybe they should work jp4s. And i mean im not really that experienced but maybe you might be going the t2 t1 t3 build. That slows down the whole entire process of ur late game tanks and if you go t1 and for leigs, they can create a lot of bleed for the allied player and hamper teching and tanks even. Also if you build the t3 building you can get the p4 quite early before allies get critical mass. Maybe you could even play the whole game without mech hq and save mp and fuel if you are in a desperate situation
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