(Tutorial) The most viable 3 soviet commanders

4 years ago
hkwh01hkwh01 Posts: 3
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The MOST viable commanders for soviet are

1) Shock Rifle Front Line Tactic (Strong Late Game)

Early : Use Mortar/MG Early with conscript support

Mid Game : Build Zis Gun with AT-Grenade to counter potential enemy panzer
Build Shock and use Incendiary barrage to counter blob and MG
Fast Tech to T70 if you are in advantage

Late Game :The Mighty IS-2 support with Zis Gun (No need T4)

2) Conscript Support Tactic (Agressive Tactic)

Early : Conscripts + Mortar (protected by conscripts) + Medic Upgrade
Mass conscripts support by mortar could advance very aggressively

Mid Game : Build Zis Gun with AT-Grenade to counter potential enemy panzer
Hit the Dirt (Useful Distract Enemy Fire and Cap Points)+ Incendiary Barrage +
Mortar to counter enemy infantries
Fast Tech to T70 if you are in advantage

Late Game : Katyuasha / SU-85 depend on enemy type

3) Guard Rifle Combine Arm Tactic (Balance)

Early : Conscripts + Mortar/ MG

Mid Game : Hit the Dirt + Guard Rifle + Zis Combine Arm+Sturmovik Attack
Good at counter everything
Fast Tech to T70 if you are in advantage

Late Game : SU-85 / Howitzer


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    4 years ago
    hsk9146hsk9146 Posts: 153

    I would say the shock-is2 doctrine, guard motor, and maybe soviet industry.

    • With shock/is2, I don't usually get shocks because I need other AT solutions bc kv8. which can be hard for the earlymid game, but kv8 can do some serious dmg. You also need AT guns or su76 for AT, but su76s might delay IS2.
    • Guard motor is a great doctrine imo because you have guards that can deal with inf, and snare tanks and have t34/85 which have both good AT and AI.
    • and soviet industry because of fuel delivery and kv2 and 8. with soviet industry you don't get any elite infantry and need to be floating fuel for kv8 and kv2 which often makes me get 2 at guns. this makes you extremely immobile and it's hard to deal with harass capping (shock/is2 as well), especially when ur opponent has a tank supporting it. Also ur opponent can get a ostwind and ruin all ur deliveries. but if the fuel deliveries are being done, SU76s are not really that much of a bad idea to get until kv2 hits the field. IMO, kv2 might be one of the best soviet tanks in the game.
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    4 years ago
    _Aqua__Aqua_ Posts: 1,951

    Con support is actually pretty meh. Advance Warfare and Soviet Reserve both do what it does, but better. IMO, Lend Lease is probably the third most valid Soviet Doctrine. Its like a more flexible industry.

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    4 years ago
    y03y03 Posts: 1,075
    Yes, lend lease tactics is awesome.
    Dshk, cons repair, m5 HT with guards, and an awesome M4C Sherman to top it all off.
    Air drop seems pretty meh if you get like 4 OKW players or once there is Schwere set up.
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