Solution for allie to win 3v3 / 4v4

3 years ago

3v3 and 4v4 , is hard for allie , as you know axis powerful late game. Here the way :
In this match, I am playing soviet , with two noobs . But, that's not a problem, you can carry your team with the powerful soviet faction.

As an allie you must keep bleeding axis in the mid game, you cannot just camp and defend until the late game. The way is , Soviet have Powerful mid game artillery

  1. Soviet Mortar
  2. Zis Gun 60 munitions artillery barrage
  3. Su-76

And your plan is ,
Conscripts to scout
(buffed recently) DSHK/ MG to Support conscripts
Engineer keep putting mine (Always remember)
Fast T70 to support MG and strike unprepared axis .
Zis/Mortar/su-76 Non-stop arty enemy at early and mid game
Su-85 to defend heavy

Here the replay :
(Watch my soviet play and learn)

DSHK is really good now, they can instantly put red exclamation mark on enemy.


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