What About "Normal" Hetzer , Hotchkiss (forgot name :| ) , M18 Hellcat For Jackson? ,

3 years ago
ItsAlwaysJerryItsAlways… Turkey Posts: 1

Hetzer is one of my favorite tanks also it is low profile easy for ambushes. M18 can flank enemy fast and this tanks should be in game. Hochkiss probably.

also. T7 ( whatever :neutral: ) Armored Car for Stuart? or Adding Lutfwaffe (damn :neutral: ) Unit (you know that guy makes aa 88mm at/aa gun) Jagdtiger? Mortar for Oberkomanndo? Nebelwerfer? (crap) Crocodile Sherman? And A Commander that has Paratroops.

BUT Please Bergetiger ( >:| ) or a Motorcycle for Wehr or OKW? ,

Maybe this units can change gameplay. Making it more fun.



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