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4 years ago
zsoni96zsoni96 HungaryPosts: 4
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So a lot of people want Afrike Korps / Italy to the game (they won t be good for late game and not eaven balanced)

Let's make a Look at Hungary.


-We had "border hunting divisions" like jager divisions called "Határvadász" They were elite infantry armed with rifles and machineguns and a lot of sniper rifles

****Light vehicles****

They are the most famous light tanks, but we had a lot more

Medium Tanks

  • Turán I
    It was an early war tank and its properties were like the Valentines and the pz38(t)

  • Turán II
    It has the same properties like the early models of the Panzer IV

-Turán III
It is like The late model panzer IV but with a bit stonger armor and a bit stronger main gun only 5 of them were built

It was the hungarian ostwind variant with better main gun but with worser armor

Heavy Tanks

Only one prototype was build in 1944. The prototype was destroyed by the americans druing a bombing. It is a bit stronger than panther it has stronger gun and stronger armor

Anti tank weapons

-We had Pak 40s and zis 3 and there was 75mm at gun made by hungarians. i cant remember the name of it.

-44M kézi páncéltörő vető
The same like pzschrenk

Tank destroyers/ Assault guns

**Zrínyi I **
is like jgpanzer IV

Zrínyi II
is armed with 10cm main gun

Artillery and mortars

-We used mortars and artillery guns from WW 1 and what we recived from the germans


-Solothurn lmg

-Maschinengewehr (Schwarzlose) M. 7

Equipment given by the germans

Vehicles : Pz IV Tiger, Panther, Hetzer, Stug Sdkfz 251, Kübelwagen, Opel Blitz

Guns: Mg42, Mp40,Kar98:

Other: Mortars , Pak40 flak 36

Other Things
Our pilots were amazingly effective with our and the germa made aircrafts to

We had a tiger ace called Tarczay Erwin

We mostly fought on the eastern front and our most famous battle was at the Don river

Some famous photoes,Budapest,_Panzer_VI(Tiger_II,_K%C3%B6nigstiger).jpg

And a music with archives

Thanks for reading it and vote it to be the next fraction in the game :)


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    4 years ago
    GrenadierIT19Grenadier… ItalyPosts: 575

    Good idea!
    Honestly, I prefer that Italy would be the next axis faction!
    Anyway, after Italy I would see as new factions Hungary and Commonwealth (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa, etc.) or France (but i think that Commonwealth would be better).

    I wish you good luck on developing your Hungarian army idea, what I would tell you is:

    • use as much as possible Hungarian made stuffs for weapons, artillery, tanks and aircrafts
    • I would avoid prototypes

    I don't know if this could be useful but if you think that some unit has been produced in few numbers, just look at the Sturmtiger (19 built) and I'd say if you find a unit built in 19 or more, just add it!

    something I think that would be nice to see for the Hungarian that would differenciate them better than other factions might be the battle formations as "Honvéd" and "Nyilasok", units that aren't just riflemen or shock troops, but units which have many weapons and fit many roles i suppose, do you think I'm right?

    Good luck again!

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    4 years ago
    Omid_HesamOmid_Hesam Islamic Republic of IRANPosts: 142
    edited July 2016

    one of the best Ideas I ever seen this is a cool idea, I like it , but I want see the Italians first. Good Luck Comrade!

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    4 years ago
    y03y03 Posts: 1,075

    Yeah, agreed, avoid prototypes.
    You don't see prototypes like the Tortoise heavy tank thing by brits ingame or a maus.(just making a point)

    I was thinking the new german factions, whatever they are, could have a morale system, like if they start losing troops, may automatically retreat, or get suppressed too long in poor cover, or lose multiple tanks at once in vicinity of troops.
    Dunno, just an idea i saw from someone's doctrine a long time ago,

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    4 years ago
    zsoni96zsoni96 HungaryPosts: 4
    edited July 2016

    Thank you for whishing me good luck i do really apprichiate the comments.

    We had many more weapons witch fits roles, but we dont really have special assult infantry like shocktroops but there was "Honvéd" shock squads similar to assault grenadiers squads.

    y03 and GRENADIERIT19

    I don't want to avoid prototypes (eaven though we had a lot of other tanks) because theese tanks are the most famous.
    The only negativ pont about this is that our late war tanks (Tas, Turán III) were a little big stronger but very similar to the german ones so allies player would hate them because of more armour and penetration.

    If the comunity say yes for this faction then i hope relic will contact me so i can give them more info about our troops/ equipment/ doctrinal things but for now i think it is enough what i wrote about the hungarian royal army

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    4 years ago
    EvanielEvaniel Posts: 73

    Why Italy... Do you guys want to use the Mass Surrender Doctrine that badly?

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    4 years ago
    captainjordycaptainjo… Posts: 498

    @Evaniel said:
    Why Italy... Do you guys want to use the Mass Surrender Doctrine that badly?

    "Why Italy" Ya why not France so we can mass surrender even earlier in the game.

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    4 years ago
    Gery9112Gery9112 Posts: 14
    edited July 2016

    If not a new faction or commander then a ToW mission pack or maybe campaign ( I know I'm asking too much :smiley: ) set in Italy or Hungary would be nice.

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