Still getting awful connection problems.

4 years ago

Almost every time I play, I get non-stop connection lost... reconnecting errors. Literally about 5 times per minute when it's at the worst. Some days, I get only around 5 per match, and consider this lucky.
This problem has been brought up before I know, but since then been buried and forgotten. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets this.

Please fix it. It makes the game unplayable on days like today, where I have to drop from games because I have no control over my units half the times as it's lost connection.

Also, my internet speed is not the problem. I have one of the best internet services available, with a 160 mbs download speed and 20 mbs upload. Plus I only get this problem in CoH2.


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    4 years ago
    QuesocitoQuesocito Posts: 128

    Same here, ive had 7 games in a row drop due to connection issues, sometimes i know its the internet on my side, but other sides i know its definitely not.

    The drop rate of players in game due to bad connection seems much worse than it used to.

    One way im pretty sure shows it isnt my own connection issue is i can literally watch the entire game in real time, scrol around the map, select units, but nothing responds to any command, i will tell a tank to go somewhere, it will confirm the movement yet it will carry on whatever course it was on before the issue started. and after a couple minutes the game will drop.

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    4 years ago
    CptJoe732CptJoe732 Posts: 2

    Bump this to the top. You know how I know its not a connection problem on our end is because while your frozen you can select any unit and it will still respond vocally. Next time you lag out try it.

    Yea this is making the game unplayable for me. Seems like its perfectly timed too. If your lagged and cant pull your tanks out your done. Ive lost a ton of matches because of this and it never happened until this last patch.

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