Valkyria Skin Competition Winners

2 years ago
Kyle_REKyle_RE Posts: 483 admin
edited July 2016 in Skins


For this competition we have decided to pick 1 winner for each of the factions made available in the contest. Thank you to all that participated, choosing the winners below was not easy as all submissions were absolutely fantastic.


Creator: @Grumpntug


Creator: @RitaRush


Valkyria Mauler
Creator: @Majd

Thank you again to the winners and to everyone who participated in this competition. We plan on integrating these skins into CoH2 sometime in August so make sure to keep an eye on these forums and our social channels for more information. As with all our fantasy skins, for those who do not wish to see these in-game, simply select the Historic Skins Only option in CoH2's settings.


  • #2
    2 years ago

    Someone should have made Galian Squad 422's skin for the Russians as people can play as the Penal Battalion for REAL !!!

  • #3
    2 years ago

    OKW is an absolute win though ... and talk about win WHERE IS THE ACTUAL LOCALIZATION FOR VC 3 ????

  • #4
    2 years ago
    GrumpntugGrumpntug Posts: 17

    Congratulations everyone!!!

  • #5
    2 years ago
    RabbitKingRabbitKing Posts: 20

    congrats to the winners!

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    2 years ago
    The Big Red 1The Big R… Daly City, CA, USAPosts: 674

    no offense but we have way too many skins and not enough decals should focus more on decals if you ask me

  • #7
    2 years ago
    RappyRappy Posts: 39

    to paraphrase the guy above me - no offense but we have way too many skins, but yet even more bugs and not enough balance. should focus on the game quality if you ask me.

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    2 years ago
    BlanCatBlanCat Posts: 21

    okw skin is so awesome....!

  • #9
    2 years ago
    MajdMajd Posts: 41
    edited July 2016

    Awesome, congrats all!

    Next competition should be all about decals I hope!

  • #10
    2 years ago
    captainjordycaptainjo… Posts: 498

    Where's Wehrmacht's skin set? Like talk about RIP.......

  • #11
    2 years ago
    RitaRushRitaRush Russian Federation, KrasnoyarskPosts: 54

    Oh, that's a tough cut! So many great submissons didnt make it (

    But congrats to Brian and Puppeteer! Your work here was so incredible again, I am really honored and lucky to stand next to you guys at this one.

  • #12
    2 years ago

    I bought the Calamity Raven skin today through steam and i haven't received it yet. :/


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