Stormless' Guide to CoH2 setup and basics

4 years ago
StormlessUKStormless… United KingdomPosts: 38

Hi everyone,

My video on CoH2 basic guide and setup can be seen here.

Containing the following;

Important key remapping using X-Mouse

  • How to set up X-Mouse and map some important keys onto your mouse buttons

CoH2 Options

  • Descriptions & visual explanations of the game settings and their advantages or benefits

**Game functions & User Interface **

  • Learn how to use the in-game chat
  • Using the in game chat & Twitch chat link for streamers
  • Learn how to change the colour of the text in game for important messages
  • Learn how to make Twitch chat show up inside the game screen

Map Overview (Tactical & Strategic map views)

  • Learn how to use the minimap and tactical map
  • A look at map resources
  • Victory Points explanation

Resources, Population Cap and Manpower income

  • Learn how the resource and manpower system works
  • Learn about how Population Cap affects your game

Camera Controls

  • Learn how to control the in game camera angle

Squad Control and assigning Unit Hotkeys

  • Learn how to use the squad control section
  • Learn how to assign a shortcut hotkey for your squad or unit
  • Learn how to jump to a units locations instantly
  • Shift Cue commands
  • Learn how to group multiple units together
  • Tab Cycling Units

A look at the ‘Event Cue’ section

  • Learn how to maximise map awareness using the ‘event cue’ text
  • Learn how to instantly jump to an event on the map

Buildings, Units & Tech (UPDATE : This currently says 'Event Cue' and is a mistake)

A brief look at buildings and tech. More detailed descriptions in the faction specific tutorials

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