Add a punishment for leaving the game/whining

2 years ago

# Dear Relic
I wish that was the punishment for leaving the game/insult(whining).Add a punishment such as fines -50% to experience, or low priority as the game dota2,where you left the game you will suffer with random heroes(3),with the team well and with the search match.Also in addition to these two punishments possible for example to add the impossibility of writing if the complaint or as a punishment even impossible to play in auto-fitting.
Just see people leaving the game without telling,also when you cry that I'm Russian,though could be for example a Belarussian and a Ukrainian,sometimes when I haven't played them tactics and even go for 4-10 minutes,is This normal?
Enough is enough and to add complaints finally. :( :/ :|
Wrote here because I do not know where to write it


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    2 years ago
    ADMADM Posts: 35

    Agree. Leaving game should be punished but there should possibility to reconnect back to the match (connection issues).

    Leaving will make your account recieve -75% experience for next 5 games (up to 20 games).

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    2 years ago

    Punishment for whining is a world-wide chat censor.

    Punishment for leaving is no loot points.

    Anything else will be too arbitrary because of the automated feature. I shouldn't be punished for "leaving" if Relic's servers go to shit and everyone desyncs.

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