Expanded modding tools?

4 years ago
KCHKCH Posts: 4

Hiya! Will modders ever be able to add in custom models, sounds, and textures? CoH2 modding seems super gimped in comparison to CoH1.

I've read early discussions from 2013, and it seemed the developers were totally on board with the modding scene, even giving permission to port CoH1 models to CoH2. Sure, three years ago revenue from selling skins was a concern, but with Relic allowing players to create and download custom skins on the Workshop, that really doesn't seem like a valid excuse anymore—especially with the new War Spoils system, which kinda shows that Relic isn't too worried about skin revenue anymore, since you can just plop down 3750 supply for that hot skin you've been eyeing.

We've got several mods on the workshop that could heavily benefit from custom models and sounds, the Japanese Faction mod being one that springs to mind instantly. I'd really just like to know: does Relic plan on expanding modding? With all these fantastic mods being created without custom models and sounds, imagine what the community could do with these things.

Sorry if this seems kinda rant-ey. It's 1AM and I'm pretty tired.


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    4 years ago
    KCHKCH Posts: 4
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    It's just kinda frustrating going back and reading what devs were saying in 2014 regarding Steam Workshop implementation:

    CoH2 modding is far from beyond VCoH modding. I'd go as far to say that it's a sad husk compared to VCoH modding. And no further mod support is coming?

    They even talked about how they'd deal with the 200MB limit heading into the workshop - when really it doesn't matter. Most gameplay mods are well under 1MB, considering they can't add or change models, sounds, or skins. I don't wanna say it's pathetic, but it's kinda hard not to.

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    4 years ago
    y03y03 Posts: 1,075
    Yeah....as much as mods try to add realism, numbers, extra "units"(which in reality is just as good as applying a coat of paint), you can't deny that you are still playing a modified version of the vanilla game and NOT a mod.
    We should have a petition shoved up relic's and SEGA's asses not only to add new content but also more modding tools.
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    4 years ago
    TheWiseTheWise Posts: 63
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    Exactly skins is what I for one need the least in this game. I made my (fairly popular for the pro-Russian one) mod - the "Summer 44" even with these cut to the very balls mod tools and play only it (due to the sheer disgust to the original game). But at least making the commanders moddable (not talking about adding the custom models) would help a lot.

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