Commander Idea : "U.S MARINE COMPANY"

4 years ago
MinaLeaMinaLea Posts: 3
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The Marine Corps was hard trained veteran soliders. their duty is landing Operation, defend a berth, Combat navals. this veterans can do anything they can.


6mans - Springfield Rifle M1903 x 6

ability - "Marines can do!" it is equipped 2x Mannlicher M1893 shot guns for 15sec. it is very effective close combat and every shot gun shell have chance to stun enemy squad. at the ability time is over, equipped 2 shot guns will removed.ability also needs resource 30muni.

called in Veteran Marine squad. they will fight for freedom, and will finish the mission, they are come out with Springfield Rifle M1903 x 6. effective long lange. however, if you want this unit for close combat, use "Marine can do!" ability.

"I'm Taking Over!"


however, the Rear Echelon Troops was for "real service" so they can't fight well. the proud of Marine Squad do not like the Rear Echelons fight on the front. 3vet Rear Echelons can be withdrawn from the battle and called in new Marine Squad.

M3 "Lee" medium tank


The M3 "Lee" Medium tank have 2 main weapon. 75mm gun and 37mm gun. 75mm is effective for enemy vehicle and 37mm gun is effective for enemy infantry. (Stug E position Unit)

"P-51 Mustang infantry Surpport"


also, the Marine have a lot of Surpport units and this is one of why Marines is powerfull. P-51 Mustangs will have sight for Marine squad. when ability is used, every each of Marine squads have P-51 Mustang recon flight on their heads. (like Drons works)

"Broken Arrow!!"

duration 45sec.

The U.S force have this opertion when their defense line was defeated. a lot of P-51 Mustangs comming out and strafe Rockets for enemies on the frontlines with 45sec.

another my Commander Idea.

Thanks for read and welcome feedbacks.



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    4 years ago
    Omid_HesamOmid_Hesam Islamic Republic of IRANPosts: 142

    Another Fantastic Commander Idea .
    Good work comrade!!

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    4 years ago
    y03y03 Posts: 1,075
    This commander would be more suitable if we had a Pacific theater and not this current European theater.
    Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool and stuff, maybe apart from the taking over ability, could replace with another marine call in with flamethrowers or some CQC upgrade for riflemen.
    And the M3 grant would be pretttty out dated compared to your panzer 4 or Sherman so a Sherman crocodile call in or something.
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    4 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 983

    As said M3 grant is not used by the US in Europe by this point in the war. Soviets still had them though. Also don't know of any US Marines fighting in Europe.

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