Legal situation with original maps? [Workshop]

4 years ago
DarDar Posts: 6
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Guys, kind of a legal question here.

I personally love high quality, historical relevant maps for custom matches - the more, the better. Now the game itself actually holds a ton of these that are either part of the campaign or the theatre of war extensions. Some have been ported to the MP by Relic, many more eventually found their way into the Steam Workshop, but mostly these are poorly ported and presented (names, texts, minimaps, previews, atmosphere settings etc).

So for personal usage, I extracted about a dozen of them, cleaned them up (campaign stuff+scar) and made them MP compatible. In part I had to completely overhaul them of course. And now they work great, they look great, they feel historical. So I wondered: Would there be an issue with sharing these on the Steam workshop since, especially with the ToW maps, Relic is charging money to access these in the game, or rather, access the mission scenarios on these maps?

So, I'd really like to share these MP-ports, but would this be prohibited?


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    4 years ago

    If you credit Relic in your description I doubt it would be an issue. I think I might've seen some of your work if you were the guy who put all of those Soviet campaign maps on steam workshop.

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    4 years ago
    DarDar Posts: 6

    Indeed I am that guy. I've consulted MonolithicBacon over at and decided to only publish the campaign maps, with proper crediting of course. Appearently ToW scenarios get taken down more likely so i kept these out of the Workshop. Still hoping for an official statement though. But it seems in these official forums not many eyes are even paying attention to topics beyond the frequented balance and tournament threads.

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