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With the recent update, players can now see who is currently live streaming via Twitch and/or watch Relic's recent CoH2 Twitch streams directly from CoH2's main in-game lobby menu. However, many of you have noticed that not all CoH2 Twitch streams automatically appear in this list when they are online. This thread aims to address those questions and concerns.

Currently, the Twitch channels displayed in-game are a pre-approved list of channels selected by Relic. This list is comprised of dedicated streamers who we feel offer exciting and valuable content to the community. We are now looking to add to this "whitelist" of channels to expand this offering to a variety of content, streamers and casters alike.

Guidelines for getting a Twitch channel approved to appear in-game are as follows:

  • The channel offers positive content and engagement for the CoH2 community
  • Channel owner does not insult, rant, defame, slander community members, Relic, and/or Relic staff

As you can see, the requirements are fairly simple and applying to have your channel approved is also equally simple. All you need to do is post below with information about your channel (channel name, URL, etc.) and what type of content you stream. Once submitted, we will review your channel and content and if the guidelines are met, we will add your channel to the pre-approved list to appear in-game!

Please keep in mind that if an approved channel breaks the guidelines above, depending of the severity, the channel could be permanently removed from the approved list.



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