[ALL] Will the Color for the infantry?

2 years ago
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Long ago we gave the "painting techniques" from the anime Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. 100% good coloration/camouflage, but then the infantry to be painted. Then the decision will be logical and colorful the game is. if added colourings equipment, then add menu "Color corps". thank you for your attention.
1. What should be the "Color corps"?

  • As for the equipment, so the infantry!
  • Or! Different! (Appliances separately, the Infantry separately.)
  1. Will effectively painting the infantry?
  • Yes! It is not only possible to "Allocate players", but you can understand where your soldiers (Which is the color of the infantry). So it will be colorful and fashionable infantry, in which will participate in the battle.

Your opinion about the colors of the infantry? They have colors?



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    2 years ago
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    (Moderator input) This is a lovely thread for discussion, but it is clearly not a balance issue. Please post in the wishlist or general discussion instead. Closing this.
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