[UKF] The Brits are a joke in 1v1; there need to be changes

4 years ago

There's no denying that the Brits have a strong late game thanks to their excellent tanks; and they are invaluable to have to team matches thanks to their good tanks and strong ability to support their allies with emplacements and defensive infantry.

But in 1v1 matches the Brits, right now, are horribly outclassed in the early-mid game. From what I can tell playing 1v1 as the Brits, this is for a few reasons.

1) The British rely far too heavily on the mortar pit to help them win the early engagements: In nearly every situation I've played the early game British infantry cannot out-trade the Wehrmacht or Oberkommando infantry when in the same level of cover as them so they need a mortar pit to help win the fights (or a sniper, but snipers are only useful on certain maps), only the mortar pit is so easily countered by German mortars or ISGs that it dies too quickly. I've found UKF getting beaten by infantry blobs of Grens / Volks in the mid-game because of this.
2) The British have no snares: "But" I here you say "if they go special weapons regiment they get AT Infantry Sections". Well yes... that's one snare, locked behind one commander, and honestly not an especially good commander compared to Vanguard or Infiltration. This leaves the British incredibly vulnerable to light vehicle play (which can also deal with the mortar pit by the way unless you go 2 AT guns, which in turn limits your ability to deal with massed infantry). This leads me to my third point...
3) The British have no good mid-game mobile anti-infantry: The Centaur has been rendered next to useless in past patches. It's slow and lacks armour and by the time it comes out the German faction probably already has a Panzer IV or some other tank out on the field. It's no wonder it's never seen anymore when the Cromwell is a far superior choice.

Long story short if Relic wants to make UKF viable in 1v1 again some serious changes will have to be made to the faction.
My suggestions would be this:

  • Gives Infantry Sections some kind of snare, like the AT grenade from the AT Infantry Sections; and make the Brits far less vulnerable to light vehicle play
  • Move the Centaur to the platoon command post + lower the fuel cost; this will give the Brits some good anti-infantry to defeat the German infantry blobs that are so effective against the Brits in the mid-game and reduce reliance on the mortar pit, and give the Centaur a purpose in the game. At the very least the Centaur's fuel cost should be lowered in the Company Command Post.
  • The alternative to the above, I think; is maybe give the Brits a new mid-game anti-infantry light vehicle in the Platoon Command Post. Something like the Daimler Armoured Car which historically had a 2 pounder gun.

Are my suggestions good ones? No idea, I'm no game designer or modder, just someone who wants to see the Brits be fun to play again in 1v1.


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    4 years ago
    WunderKatzeWunderKat… Posts: 731
    edited August 2016

    They have an outstanding win ratio right now.

    It's true British struggle early-mid however they have a clear pay-off. The ability to shoot out a medium tank so quickly is unparalleled in other factions. Then later you can purchase the Comet. There is no better stock tank in the game then the Comet.

    My suggestion is that you should really become familiar with the AEC and Sniper. These units are high skill units that can really make a game for a British player. I'm not saying they are the only why to win but they really make a difference.

    The mortar pit is a 400MP purchase that is completely static. If you try to use it every game early you might lose the game very quickly when an enemy has prepared to deal with it.

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    4 years ago
    NevecOneUpNevecOneUp Posts: 1,202
    edited August 2016

    If you struggle in early-mid game - get bren carrier and aec. If you don't - get fast cromwell and buy side tech.

    There is a lot of players that really thinking ukf is op, it's so funny to meet ukf is up thread.

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