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4 years ago
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So, Soviets are pretty solid right now, but there's a few doctrines that stick out. As a WFA-style "unique" doctrine, I figured this wold be easier to touch on then something like NKVD.

First off, the PTABs and Mines work wonders. PTAB is really good against snared or rammed armor and really puts the hurt on OKW trucks. The mines don't do much damage, but do a full stun for ~5 seconds. If you've got Cons, volley 'nade away!

However, we also have the wonkiness of Salvage Kits, AT Volley being an pain to land due to its targeting mechanics and PTRS's being nerfed way back when and not being re-buffed after team weapons were changed to not die while crewed.

PTRS: This is the big standout issue of the doctrine to me. Its less accurate then the Guard's AT rifle (0.25 / 0.69 for Guards, 0.15 / 0.48 for Cons). Originally, it was to stop Tank Hunters from blobbing and outright killing weapon teams, but that was fixed with the change to team weapons dying when crewed. AT rifles also have abysmal aim time, which isn't well suited to a weapon that targets light vehicles. Finally, the PTRS comes out at 3cp, too late to do its job at countering light vehicles.

  • Con PTRS accuracy increased from 0.15/0.48 to 0.25/0.69
  • AT Rifle Aim Time reduced from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds. Affects Guards and Tank Hunter Tommies.
  • CP from 3 to 2.

AT Grenade Volley: It has to be targeted on the vehicle like a normal AT 'nade, but doesn't heat-seek and even an engine damage vehicle can limp off before the volley connects. Even if they stay still though, the Cons don't aim for center mass, but the closest section of the vehicle, meaning scatter can cause them to miss anyways. The low penetration rate of 100 and no deflection also reduces the grenade's potency on slow units they might have been decent against. On the flipside, it does 480 damage if every grenade hits, which isn't too hard if the tank hits a 5 muni mine.

  • Reduce damage from 80 to 40 (new total of 240 damage for 25 munitions)
  • Change aiming from vehicle targeting to normal grenade targeting, making the ability more of a skillshot.
  • Increase deflection from 0% to 75% to allow use versus heavier armor while still promoting flanking.

Salvage Kit: Its inconsistent due to wrecks having random HP values and the wrecks themselves making no sense. According to Miragefla's competetive edition mod patchnotes, USF ambos are worth a whopping 350 munitions, and Lenny123456's Dank Hunter guide says Kubels are worth 100 muni, or a Tiger is worth 400 mp and 100 fuel (though all these values are about twice what you can actually salvage from the wreck.)

  • Salvage should be mirrored mechanically to OKW salvage, where the wreck takes a set time to scuttle and gives a set amount of resources.
  • Wreck values should be made consistent among types, eg. all lights are 25 muni, all light tanks are worth 10 muni, 10 fuel, etc.
  • Probably should be a passive if wrecks have less extreme values.

TLDR: PTRS mirrored to guards', come at 2CP aim time reduced. 'Nade volley set to target ground and damage reduced. Salvage values made consistent and set as a passive.


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    4 years ago

    The AT grenade barrage was a huge letdown. They need to remove the target lock on vehicles so you can lead enemy tanks with it.

    The other thing is when I checked on Coh2Stats.hu the grenades didn't seem to have defection damage. They also only had 100 penetration which, if true (I haven't tested), would render the ability completely useless anyway.

    If that's the case they either need a penetration boost or a deflection damage value to ensure they aren't extremely RNG against any reasonably armored vehicle.

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    4 years ago
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    @WunderKatze said:
    The other thing is when I checked on Coh2Stats.hu the grenades didn't seem to have defection damage. They also only had 100 penetration which, if true (I haven't tested), would render the ability completely useless anyway.

    Good catch, I completely overlooked that. With an OKW P4, only 1 grenade did damage to the front armor. Here's where things get really fun though, it took 4 volleys to kill a P4 from behind where every shot should have penned rather then the estimated 2. Because the grenades target the edge of the tank rather then center mass, they're either scattering far enough to not do damage or they're all landing close enough to only do reduced damage from their AoE, I'm not sure which. Either way, what the hell, Relic?

    Anyways, 75% percent deflection should be fine, it'll do 180 damage if all grenades hit, so a little more then a normal tank gun.

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