My wishes for 2017 or late 2016

3 years ago
Omid_HesamOmid_Hesam Islamic Republic of IRANPosts: 142
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Hi Dear Relic I Think It,s will be cool if you add these new modifications, commanders and new units in the game:

1 - Replace the hull down ability in Wehrmacht,s defensive doctrine with (grw 42 120mm) mortar emplacement
2- Replace Okw,s pak 43 and lefh18 With (Flak 88/36) & (SFH18 150mm howitzer)
3- Add Panzer III ausf J in Wehrmacht,s 1941 tech tree
4- Add Italian Army (Idea from GrenadierIT19)
5- Add These new commanders in the Game

Armored Support Company

0CP-Assault Engineer Squad

0CP-Elite Vehicle Crews Upgrade

3CP-Ranger Squad

8CP-M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

12CP-P47 Rocket Strike

Tactical Assault Company

2CP - Withdraw and Refit

3cp-m3 grease gun
(X4 grease gun for rear echelon troops)60 munition cost

4cp-Cavalry Riflemen
(unit from ardennes assault but without halftrack)

4cp-T17 Staghound Armored car

10cp-Sherman Crocodile
(just like kv8 tank with thinner armor and unable to switch weapons)

Mechanized Assault Regiment

0cp-M10 Achilles tank destroyer(400manpower,120 fuel cost this unit added in company comand post)
M2HB machine gun upgrade for 70 munition cost
vet1:+10% accleration/deccleration speed
vet2:a crewman uses the Achilles bren gun to defend the vehicle
vet3:-25% reload, Weapon rotation+ 35% +80 Damage

1cp-Raid operation

3cp-Advanced Assembly

4cp-Daimler Armoured car
mounted bren gun upgrade for 60 munition cost
(just like other mg upgrades for vehicles can engage aircraft)
Vet 1:+10% sight range
Vet 2:-20% reload, +20% accuracy
Vet 3:+20% maximum speed, +20% rotation speed, +25% ac/de-celeration

12cp-Strafing Support

local resistance regiment

0CP-Radio Intercept

2cp-resistance squad(240 manpower cost)
(something like the soviet partisan but armed with sten smg and mills bombs)
demolition package upgrade for 60 munition(resistance squad can plant demo charges with 5 seconds fuse)
and beacon setup ability

4cp-allied supply drop (110 munition cost)
a box will be droped by plane contains one bren lmg and one piat launcher
sight line requaried

6cp-boody trap (resistance squads now able to place boody traps on territory points)

12cp-air supremacy operation

Infantry Assault doctrine (okw)

This commander is focus on the power of elite german troops and improve
their flanking ability and providing artillery support for them to ambush
and crush the enemy

0CP - Radio Silence

3CP - Infiltration Tactics

3CP - obersoldaten Assault package(X4 Mp35 smg and camouflage ability)75 munition cost

6CP - Valiant Assault

10CP - hummel SPA (500 manpower , 120 fuel , 16 population cap)
this unit fire power is similiar to soviet ml20 152mm howitzer
thiner armor than american m7b1 priest make it more sensitive
to enemy fire

   veteran level 1: unlock (counter barrage ability) veteran ability  
   veteran level 2: -20% scatter, -30% barrage ability recharge time
   veteran level 3: +30% barrage range
   veteran level 4: +25% damage
   veteran level 5: +30% speed, +30% rotation speed, +30% ac/de-celeration

Luftwaffe fire support doctrine

2cp- 20mm Flak vierling 38 Emplacement
(this quad canon has 20 fuel ,300 manpower and 8 population cap and able to gain Veterancy just like british emplacements)
(in each burst 12 shells fired, 3 seconds cool down between bursts)
vet 1: +50% rotation speed
vet2: +20% Sight Range
vet3: -30% Cool down between bursts
vet4:+20% accuracy
vet5:+25% damage

2CP- For the Fatherland

3cp- Falschirmjager para drop (airborne assault ability without stuka strafing and enemy territory point requirement)

4cp- Raketenwerfer para dorp (just like american AT drop)

12cp- Stuka Strafing Support(two Stuka bombers patroling the target location and targeting enemy vehicles with 37mm canons)


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    3 years ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 979
    1. Why?
    2. No.
    3. You mean ToW? Could be good but I don't think there's enough of them to be worth the investment.
    • M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer = M10. Same role as fast moving, lightly armoured AT.
    • T17 Staghound Armored car = Not used by the US in the war, not really needed as M3 stuart has the same weapon and light infantry support role.
    • Sherman Crocodile = only 4 used.
    • Daimler Armoured car = AEC Armoured Car already in game and none commander.
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    3 years ago
    If the Morris Firefly was mass produced that would be a good candidate for a commanders armoured car
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