Division-structured Armies in Coh3

3 years ago

DISCLAIMER: - This thread is inspired by this video by ImperialDane :
- The ideas presented are for an upcoming CoH Game and not for the current one

ImperialDane suggested in his video to use companies as subfactions for the mainfactions (for more information watch the video)
This idea made me think and i came to the conclusion that divisions as subfactions would be more interesting because for example a infantry companie only determents if for example panzergrens, normal grens or osttruppen are the standart infantry unit, but if you make it division-based they get a completely different set of units. In my idea you select the faction, then the division an then you start the match so you can't change the division while already playing a match.
I will use the Wehrmacht 1943 for my example but this would also apply indirectly for every other army. In my example the faction has a 3-tier-system (you can't skip tiers) with a decision in the last tier (like UKF's hammer or amboss) and of course which units there are and in which tiers they are, isn't final and I use this example just to make my point clear.

Infantry Divison:
Tier 1:

  • Grenadiers
  • Pioniers (like in current game)
  • MG42
  • Pak 38 (light AT-gun)

Tier 2:

  • 222 scout car
  • Panzerjäger (Infantry with panzerbuchsen like the ptrs of the gards and maybe an upgrade package for panzerschreks)
  • Mortar

Tier 3:

  • Elite Infantry unit (like Obersoldaten)
  • Stug III E (upgradable to a long-barreled AT gun and a MG upgrade)
  • Pak 40 (performs better than in current game)
  • Decision: - Strumpanzer Brumbär
    - Pioniers can build the 10,5 cm light Artillery (like in current game)

Mechanized Infantry Division:
Tier 1:

  • Grenadiers (maybe a special form of them which have a combined arms ability or assault grens)
  • Pioniers (no Tellermines otherwise the same as in current game)
  • MG 34

Tier 2:
- 251 Half-track (upgradeable with a pak-upgrade or to a flame half-track otherwise boosts nearby infantry and is able to reinforce; able to lay down riegelmines)
- Pak 40
- 234 scout car (a 222 turret on a puma cassis, more durable than 222 but also more expensive; 7,5cm-support-gun upgrade)

Tier 3:
- Officier unit (which gives buffs to combined-arms Operations or something like that)
- short-barreled Pz IV (with MG-upgrade; for infantry support)
- Stug III G ( AT)
- Decision: - cheap long-barrel upgrade Pz IV
- Wespe (light mobile Artillery based on the Pz II cassis)

(I'm too lazy to do more Divisions but I hope you understand what I mean: Subfactions with the same basic structur but with different units)

I start with a example and explain my basic concept afterwards (there will be CPs but I won't add them in this example):

  1. Ability: Pioniers get a grenade package to improve their combat performance
  2. Ability: Basic Infantry units (Grens) can be upgraded with G43 semi-automatic rifles to boost their firepower
  3. Ability: A 250 Half-track can be built in tier 2 to support infantry with it's MG34 and is able to reinfroce troops at the front lines

First Option:
4. 1 Ability: StuKa drops a 50kg bomb in the designated area
5. 1 Ability: Call in the Pz V Panther

Second Option:
4. 2 Ability: Stukas with 37mm canons strafe the designated area for a certain amount of time an hit the tanks in the area
5. 2 Ability: Nebelwerfer rocket launcher can be called onto the battlefield

  • The first three abilities are passives (be able to build ..., Grenadiers get ..., Pioniers can be upgraded with ..., you can build ... in tier x, etc.)
  • The fourth ability is off-map strike of some form
  • The fifth ability is a call-in unit of some type
  • After the first three abilities you get to decide the last two (Every commander gives you 2 options)
  • Every commander is a commander of the whole faction so every divison can use the same commanders BUT there are advantages and disadvantages for the divisions (for example: if you play the Infantry Division the Panther call-in will be more expensive like if you would play as the Panzerdivision or the ability to build the 250 Half-track is cheaper for the Mechanized Division but they already have the more verstile but also more expensive 251 Half-track without a commander) so some commanders will be better for some divisions than others.

That's at least my idea for a division-based faction system. I hope Relic looks at my thread and maybe implements some ideas in the next Coh Game.


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