Not One Step Back Tactics!

4 years ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133
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Hello! I would like to know when return of the commander "Not One Step Back Tactics!"

0Cp - No Retreat No Surrender!
1Cp - Commissar Squad
3CP - Manpower Blitz
6CP - Hold the Line!
8CP - Scorched Earth Policy

Will they be on sale? And then we collect the money for it and will be happy to see him and play.
How do I get one? You can buy it in the store in the future or it is possible to only participate the tournament?



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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    Tbh, I'm not even sure if this was ever a "thing" or just a very elaborate hoax.
    But for sure, it will never be incorporated into the game at this point. Relic made great attempts at removing artificial vet- and resource abilities, such as fuel to muni's and fuel- for vet, so this doc simply wouldn't work in that respect.

    Also, the doc itself seems absolutely ridiculess..! :o Either hilariously OP-broken-as-hell or stupendiously underwhelming depending on the exact numbers of it.

    Relic sure wouldn't implement something as difficult to balance as this, when we are rolling on nigh two months without a balance update in the first place.

    As a sidenote, this doc is from the early days as can be seen from the blue "rare" status in the top left corner. Nowadays, all commanders are "epic" because reasons. Doubt they will return to something as old as this doc, even it wasent a hoax to begin with...
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    4 years ago
    Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133
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    And what the fuck are they painted those commanders who do not? Can you explain?

    If there is a photo then let them add these Soviet Commanders!

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    4 years ago
    le12role12ro Posts: 2,333 mod
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    I'm sorry, but I do not understand what you mean? There seems to be a bit of a language barrier.

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    4 years ago
    Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

    @le12ro написал:
    I'm sorry, but I do not understand what you mean? There seems to be a bit of a language barrier.

    What you do not understand?! I'm talking about. Why there these kemandirian photo. But in the game there's these commanders. Where logic?

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    4 years ago

    This was a cut commander because the abilities had certain problems both in design and execution. However, there seems to have been unique voicelines for them, a rarity among commanders.
    Main problem with the commander is that it boosts manpower and reinforcement, but disables retreat. There's no point getting slightly better manpower if your squads kept getting pinned and your enemy keeps getting free veterancy. Ultimately the commander is far too early-game based and relies nearly entirely on infantry. It would have to be heavily revamped to be usable in the game.

    The other commander portraits are basically unused material. They might end up making new commanders with them, that's what happened with the latest USF ones, if memory is correct.

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