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4 years ago
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Will you guys change it for your cups?
So that Jove, Noggano and Co can take part?

According to the terms and conditions ( ) to which you, as a player, agreed to:

In order to be eligible for the Tournament, participants must adhere to the following requirements:

not be legally resident in any countries currently under sanction by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury to include: ... the most up-to-date list is at;

The Russian Federation has been on the list since the annexation of Crimea, so in actuality neither Noggano nor Jove were even allowed to sign up. They did anyway. So even if the Vancouver milestone hadn't been hit, if Relic actually followed their own terms and conditions they should've been disqualified anyway.


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    4 years ago
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    First: I do want to make clear that I do not speak for Relic or SEGA for this paragraph. According to my understanding of the political situation, The Russian Federation is not a sanction country. There are indeed sanctions in place due to the Crimea incident, but according to the most up-to-date list that you provided, the sanctions are against specially designated nationals of Ukraine or Russia, but not a country sanction [country sanction are not country related sanctions]. Therefore, I do not see any infractions of the tournaments T&C, and no disqualifications are required.

    [Moderator Input] Personally, I do understand that you wish to discuss the T&Cs of this tournament. However, since you clearly specify in the opening post that this thread is targeted towards Relic whilst demanding a response from Relic staff, I am closing this thread. Threads should encourage discussion between fans rather than require participation from Relic or SEGA staff. I do encourage you to get an answer to your question, therefore I highly recommend to contact Relic or SEGA directly to discuss what you believe are legal issues of this tournament. I do strongly believe that you will get better results than discussing legal issues in a fan oriented discussion forum.

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