[okw, all] radio silence should be a passive ability.

4 years ago
moremegamoremega REDWOOD CITY CA USAPosts: 229

I nvr use the radio silence ability b/c its impossible to tell how dependent your opponent is on the mini map. I dn't feel like wasting munitions for this ability, which doesn't even last for an entire engagement, and is overall is not an effective toggle ability. This should be changed to a passive ability or switched out for something more effective and easy to use.


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    4 years ago
    Try using it, make an effort to do so. Post your findings
    But as a passive would be bat shit OP...
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    4 years ago
    moremegamoremega REDWOOD CITY CA USAPosts: 229

    how is it bat shit op? Your still given audio and visual cues that your being attacked. it just doesn't give details.

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    4 years ago
    Have you ever been hit by indirect fire? How did you find out what hit you and from where? Completely disabling an aid is incredibly powerful. It would be like being able to disable your enemies sound...
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    4 years ago
    moremegamoremega REDWOOD CITY CA USAPosts: 229

    the more the reason it should be a passive ability, so allied motors stop one shoting inf in the fog of war.

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    4 years ago
    Ok buddy.
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    4 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    Radio Silence is an awesome ability when used correctly. In fact it can win you the game.

    Making it a passive would be... yeah...
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    4 years ago
    RiCERiCE Posts: 1,588

    I agree with Armadillo, it would be really OP as a passive ability...

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    4 years ago
    LazarusLazarus Posts: 4,096
    edited September 2016

    The thing that makes people see Radio Silence as a useless ability is a difficult one to solve. It's worth its weight, easily - however the player gets no feedback. You have no idea what it is you just prevented by popping the ability. In the average players mind, they have used radio silence and... nothing happened. What they don't understand is this is 100% the point of radio silence. Nothing happening.

    When I drop a 50KG dive bomb or a white phosphorous barrage or reroute some bombers from Dresden, I know what my ability did. I see the bombs drop. I watch the units die. When I pop radio silence I get no such visual feedback.

    That said, making the ability description much clearer in what impact it has on your opponent would go a long way to making it more appealing.

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    4 years ago

    It's hard to tell what would turn this ability from useless to useful without making it completely OP, which is what making it passive would do. Atm, let's face it, (almost) nobody uses it. I have yet to see a video on Dane's channel for example of someone popping Radio Silence. As Lazarus said above, there's no real way to quantify how useful it is or whether it made any difference.

    Maybe replace it with "Radio Jamming" where the enemy doesn't get any warning that his points are being capped or something?

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    4 years ago

    It's only 25 munitions.

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