Message in a bottle (for the future COH)

3 years ago
oscaroscar Posts: 2
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Good morning staff, good morning to all

I am a loyal gamer since 2006. from the first day when the first game was released. TEN YEARS! I am more of a fan because I really love this game. I just wanted to say that I hope that this series continues with a wonderful result COMPANY OF HEROES 3. Obviously treasuring all that is the company of heroes universe. But I want to pray to the makers of the game, to optimize the game better, to make it more fluid and not heavy. I own a high-end PC, a I7 4790 with a video card amd 290x tri-X OC. I game very well, but despite this configuration, I have to get down to some compromises and graphics in the most populous scenes especially where there are several players there is a noticeable drop in frame and in other occassions where you play in big maps. How can instead now I'm playing DOOM (2016) with ultra settings at a fixed frame rate of 70/75 fps at any time. This is just one example but it could do more. In short, I hope the message is clear. I do not know technically what the problem, but optimized the game better please.

best regards from italy


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