Full Support for Ultra Widescreen & FreeSync

2 years ago
oscaroscar Posts: 2
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Hello staff,

as the title subject is clear. I have a monitor 21:9 FreeSync LG 29UM67. In my specific case with a resolution (2560 x 1080), and COH2 game, it has adapted well in the game play, but outside of the game session, the screen is always in 16: 9 format, creating the black bars on the sides . You already know this problem? With all released official updates, possible that there is not a full comprehensive support for the monitor 21: 9? It is not a good thing!

Another problem is the lack of an option to enable adaptive FreeSync or FreeSync as it is called. In the video settings, maximum is 2560x1080 60Hz selectable, while my monitor LG 29UM67 arrives at 75Hz.

In all other games of the recent past, and in what I'm playing now, like Doom, GTA V, The Witcher 3, Rocket League etc .. The list is long ..this problem is not present, and I can enjoy the maximum potential .

I ask the creators if you can remedy these serious absences/lack ???!!! I say this as a player, as owner, it is my opinion that these serious deficiencies today are not justified

Please Insert full Support for monitor Ultra Widescreen & FreeSync.

thank you

best regards from Italy


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