[UKF][All] Anti-Infrantry of Cromwell/Comet = OP



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    4 years ago
    thedarkarmadillothedarkar… Posts: 5,824
    @SaveAxisFactions you know the panther has 320 armour and 900hp right? And gets more of both with vet making it closer to the health and armour of an is-2 than not... Panther is plenty Durable, as it is a vanilla panther will bounce a t34-85 50% of the time... From point blank down to 43% at max and 0% at the ranges that the panther out ranges it. The e8 has it better (because everything is better from dlc!) with about 54% chance to pen at point blank and 48% at max. So no, not even the very best non TD tanks can pen the panther front reliably, you have range and armour on yoyr side. Do I think the panther needs a buff? Yes. But it is CERTAINLY not squishy by any standard, hell iirc its more durable than the Pershing for christs sake.
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    4 years ago
    MCMartelMCMartel Posts: 1,855

    It's anti infantry really does't seem like the problem, it just seems like it's speed is a bit high for a medium.

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