unit size bug and others

3 years ago

all factions, unit size and aggressiveness bug.

while playing with and against hard and expert AI. The AI on my team was unexpectedly bad or less aggressive than what you would expect of a hard or expert AI. The enemies AI however was what you would expect, aggressive. One problem I saw while playing was that the AI units of both my allies and enemies had bigger unit size. This also happened when I played as the USF and their rear echelon engineers had a unit size of 8. Some of the tank unit came with 4 tanks instead of one. This bug also appeared when i played with the wehrmacht and oberkommando and Russian factions as well with many of their units having larger squad sizes. The British forces where the only faction that was not bugged I believe.

I restarted the game a couple of times it did not resolve the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game it did not work as well. The unit size stayed the same for affected factions. The aggressiveness bug stayed the same with the AI.

The affected maps where most of the default 6-8 player maps and maybe the rest of the other maps.

here is a picture of the bug. Note that this early game, both the AI on my team and enemies where hard and expert. The unit size bug can be seen in the picture.



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