Dear devs and community

3 years ago
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Dear devs and community,

I want to make some few suggestion regarding gameplay/mechanics , suggestions that I think it would not take to much time from the devs. Feel free to leave any reply and if it's negative please argument it so that I can in the future be aware of it.

  1. Would you like to have a "home" icon over the squads that are in the proximity of a retreat point , just like the retreat icon for units that retreat?

My argument is the following : Currently the clock icon isn't good enough because it takes time to kick in and after you retreated your squad you immediately want to reinforce it. The shortcut key for idle units is Alt + dot(.) . Even if I use autohotkey to script this , every time when one of the alt key is pressed the screen rotates like hell. I suggest to leave left Alt for rotating screen and for right Alt disband this feature so that I can properly use the shortcut key for idle unit.

  1. ~~Whenever I add new squads to a control group that has squads retreating , that particularly squads that retreated are no longer in my control group.

People said on reddit that this is an intended feature , well , here's my argument : Control groups are a crucial features to any strategy game. I don't see any reason why would devs want to mutilate this. I mean you already have new feature that you must be aware of in coh. For example , you can't use the classic attack move button because you must move your units manually to take cover, the armor of tank , territory control and so on. In my humble opinion I really think this is a low-medium minus for coh, from the perspective of players who are accommodated with classics RTS mechanics .To back that up , not every players are used with micro'ing/macro'ing and from that perspective that is infuriating. ~~

!EDIT: Apparently Ctrl+shit+number would do the trick!

  1. If you don't have in the future plans to add custom keys here's my following suggestion:
    -bind the tactical map to ~
    -bind chat review to Numpad0
    -you have this key ' that makes the screen follow the selected squad. I suggest bind this to space and get rid of the following camera , it should work like a double left click just like when you double click on icon from the top right corner. (it should center the camera to the selected unit )

If you ever want to make custom keys you can always make a file in the game folder that can be opened with notepad and the game will recognize when you change your custom keys.

My suggestions are based from my experiences when I was a new player and some feedback from my friends that are new to coh, and new to RTS gameplay.


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    3 years ago
    i33SoDAi33SoDA RomaniaPosts: 8

    As a bonus I suggest that using tab should only move between squads that are selected and not select the whole squads.
    For example if you have selected 2 squads :
    -first time you press tab it would bring front the first squad
    -2nd time you press tab it would bring front the 2nd squad
    -3rd time you press tab it would bring front both of the squads (I suggest to get rid of this because we have control group for this selection)

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    3 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    The home icon is not a great idea imo, because I doubt(at least personally) that I would get much use out of it and more importantly, the UI is already cluttered enough as it is with icons for a gazillion things. Nice thought though. :)

    The keybinds are a recurring request, though I doubt Relic will ever get around to implement.
    Personally, I don't really care, since I've gotten used to the coh2 standard keybinds by now. ;)
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    i33SoDAi33SoDA RomaniaPosts: 8
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    EDIT: Apparently Ctrl+shit+number would do the trick

    ~~I am requesting the home icon because of the conflict with the deselected squad issue, example from my past experiences when I was new to coh:

    • you have 2 squads on Ctrl+1 deep in the lines on the east front (assuming that you have multiple open fronts with multiple control groups ) , you retreat one of them and while are they retreating you recruit a new squad that you want to add it to your currently Ctrl+1, because you think that eastern front will be overwhelmed. Your first instinct when you see that the retreat icon isn't show anymore is to press F so that you can reinforce your squads ( assuming that you didn't have a medical field in the proximity of your flanks) now, because you loose your retreating squad from Ctrl+1 when you added the new squad made me to suggest one of the following:
    1. Let us add new squads to any Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5 without loosing the retreating squads from it. ( binding squads to any Ctrl+ is a feature that every RTS has and shouldn't be mutilated like because, this is hard to digest by new players and players that usually play alongside COH other RTS and they have to always come back to this infuriating "feature" )
    2. Make a home icon showing on the top right corner above the squads just like the retreat icon. ( I suggest this thinking that you will not change my 1'st suggestion , so that it will be much easier to spot the squads that have retreated and are not anymore in your control group because they were let out when you added a new squad to that control group )

    Usually you want to pay attention to the battlefield , positioning your squads , building defenses , planning your attack not loosing time with some infuriating mechanics that shouldn't be there in the first time. ( referring to my 1'st point ) ~~

    **I forgot to mention , that it would be awesome , to be able to use the repair ability from an engi directly on the vehicle icon from the top right corner. **

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