Maybe remake old doctrines for Wehrmacht and Soviets? How about more new doctrines!?

3 years ago

Guys I am not talking about adding small new nation factions! I am talking about making doctrines that we already have, more unique and different!
Why they cant bring us more unique call out vehicles or squads, just bring new 3d models or new skins for infantry, like they did in Dawn of War 2, by selling Word Bearers pack, Krieg death corps and etc.
I mean there are no any balance impact on this, only new 3d models and skins on infantry and vehicles.
We have ostruppen call out for wermacht, but you can count from 3 to 5 doctrines (generals) where you can call ostruppen squad by one or another way, why for example it cant be spanish volunteers squad with the same stats, just different models and maybe abilities.
The same storm troopers and rifle guards are everywhere in doctrines, IS 2 and T34-85 too.
I mean why they cant do old wermacht and soviet doctrines more unique like for Brits, US or OKW.
If you want Jagtiger you go into one doctrine, if you go command panther you go another and there are no more doctrines with them, they are unique, so why thats rule cant be for soviets and wermacht, if you want shock troops - go in unique doctrine, if you want IS 2 - go in unique doctrine. If you want SU 122 - mobile artillery go in other one, it had t34 basis - good speed, bad rotation and see radius, better arty then su76 ability, but not AT, can fire only by abilities like Sexton or Priest.
Hummel or wespe have their own minuses and pluses.
For fucc sake, why we need 10.5 cm leFH 18 in both wermacht and okw, why it cant be unique hummel or wespe, ok okw is shortage on fuel, then why it cant be another german howitzer 15 cm sFH 18 or some other leFH 18 modifications!?
Or why there are ML20 howitzer only for different doctrines, let ML20 will be unique in one doctrine, cant there be M30 or M10, or D-1 in others? You have only one doctrine for B4 and this is right.
More unique doctrines, more 3d models, more skins for infantry.! Thats the point, not balance changing!!
For example Italian armored cars were used widely in Axis countries, for example -
Why it cant be in wermacht -romanian doctrine, where this armored car can be called out of the map. by gameplay it can be like something between 222 (by having light armor, but less mobile) Puma (worse AT capabilities but better vs infantry) and T70 (cause it have cannon) with light armor!?
I want more unique doctrines, why I need 3 star Puma for wermacht when I got 5 star Puma for OKW, why we need 3 different doctrines, where you can call ostruppen in each, make it like romanian squad in once, you can may even not even change their stats, they can be identical to ostruppen stats, just different soldiers 3d models, and different abilities for squad, for example not panzefaust but grenade or some squad buff.
Most of us are playing ranked with friends, cause random are not reliable and we all try to mix roles and doctrines, but it is so boring when you have the same units, vehicles and squads from one doctrine to another!
Relics did that in CoH 1 once (those hellcat choose, or m10, hummel, wespe, hetzer, marders and etc), they can do it now, i believe in them.
I believe it will make each doctrine unique that will bring fresh air without adding new standalone factions and changind balance and opens new different gameplay styles and possibilities in early - mid games.

Original thread:

Interesting equipment list:
Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary divisions fought on axis side too.
We can have different unique doctrines and squads to make gameplay more different and roleable.

Romania infantry and light tanks can mix and make different tactics during early and mid game.

All list by countries:'s_allies_on_the_Eastern_front

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