Back after a while, what's with Supply??

2 years ago

Hi all!

I've gotten back into CoH2 after not playing for a long while, and suddenly the upgrade system seems changed?

While I have a buttload of German/Soviet bulletins, leaders etc. from my old games, I don't really have any for the brits, US and OKW, and the only thing that happens upon victory now is getting 2500 "supply" which seems to be able to buy certain things, but is 3500 for ONE tank skin, which means I will probably never get any new bulletins/commanders. I see that I can buy upgrades with real money, but do I ahve any other options? :/



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    2 years ago
    So they revamped the warspoils system, you get points for playing and when you reach 2500(?) points you get a drop. If you would have got something that you already had (infamous duplicates) you will instead get "supply" supply can be used to purchase nearly anything in the in game store from commanders to bulletins to victory strikes.
    If you played alot previously you should have an option (somewhere) to scrap your dupes and turn them into supply. That should give you a nice little chunk of supply to spend as you will.

    Basicly play and you you will receive

    Hope that helped
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