OKW - Volks Shreck Bulletin - working?

3 years ago
SlapdashSlapdash Posts: 35
edited November 2016 in Bug Reporting

The OKW Volksgrenadier Panzerschreck Bulletin - has 2% increased armor penetration - does it still work?

Originally in COH2, OKW Volksgrenadier could upgrade to Shrecks.
Some time ago Volksgrenadier lost the Shrek upgrade option, and the Shrek upgrade was transferred to Sturmpioneers.

The Panzerschreck Bulletin still reads as though it still applies to Volksgrenadier, thererfore:

1) has it actually been transferred to Sturmpioneers and STILL WORKS, and the name of the bulletin was simply not updated?
2) The Bulletin is WORTHLESS because it has NOT been transferred to Sturmpioneers, and it still applies to Volksgrenadiers, who now no longer have Shreks?

It would be nice to know which applies so we know if it is a valid or worthless bulletin, and obviously fix it one way or another.


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