UKF as a whole.

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After thousands of hours playing British in COH 1, I honestly feel the british in certain areas are just, lacking or atleast their kit has been given to other factions that has some what ruined them in COH 2.

  1. Piats while they were unreliable in coh 1, they also had the ability to button to allow for the piats to do their job, this is what is seriously lacking for the British, it was given to the Soviets yet not moved over to the bren. * I know about the winter balance patch, and honestly that lock on mechanic gimmick wouldn't be needed if we had Button for our brens*

  2. Command vehicle ability, in COH 1 we had a command cromwell, it's turret was fixed and unable to be used but moved at normal speed while also being able to use its front mounted machine gun to deal with infantry, Sure you can say it offers more in value for auras, but for most part even at a cost of 2 CP, Placing it on any much needed vehicle other than a throw away UC means it's a waste. Tanks become sluggish and just a sitting duck, the aura in itself isn't that big. While you can find some uses, the recon plane for free. It's added onto Commanders that are just worthless for the most part. All the while the Germans get command tanks fully operational and move and I know their auras are not as powerful, albiet still good. I'd rather have no fuctioning turret then have it fire * As of now it's firerate in comparison is Command Crom, fires 1 shot for every three of a normal cromwell* keep the speed and remove it's fire or reduce it's aura affects.

  3. Infantry section marksman, It was a bit cheesy, I believe it was 25 mun to instantly kill a target of your choice, but once again it's been ripped from their forces and placed in other albeit in different variations, Jaeger light infantry and recon, etc, which I've had guys magically vanish from my IS vs these guys.

  4. Base building, been movable, has also been passed onto another faction OKW.

  5. Auras,commanders, This was their main trait, it was unique and sometimes frustrating, yet rewarding. It did at times make the British blob insane to deal with but also a risk losing that LT could be brutal.

  6. Kangaroos, Okay you got me these things were just insane, piat drive bys but it added in more variation to the play of the brits, Crom spam, sim city, infantry blob or kangaroo blob.

Now I know how much British were cheesy in COH 1 and yet at the same time was so much fun. It feels like Relic have decided let's take all these great ideas of the British and put them into other factions and when it came around to finally adding them, all of their kit had been handed out and they were left with little of anything but emplacements. Which means that all their equipment and arsenal they have doesn't blend well together because what they had has gone and what they have is just tacked on after thought. The Piat, buttoning ability is a clear example of this.

Their bullitins and commanders also seem to lack that fun factor, one of which is just totally broken like the Royal engineer commander. It's sad to see how the faction just limps by as a faction as a whole.



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    4 years ago

    At least the Brits got a mobile MG instead of having to build a bunker all the time in CoH2. Also, non-doctrinal artillery/Churchills, and Comet tanks are marked improvements from CoH1 Brits. I don't miss the officers though.

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    That's true, but they lost a lot of what made their faction work, Hull down is another ability they lost and given to another. So what we have in this game is a faction that is a hollow shell with a slight tweak here and there. The officers was a great idea, it was great reward for great risk, losing a fully vet officer was hard especially late game.

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    Rommel654Rommel654 Fort Eustis, VAPosts: 937 mod

    Going down memory lane of what we miss about vCOH vs COH2 is an exercise that will not only frustrate your current gaming experience, but will tarnish the thousands of hours you put in the first one.

    It is natural to want to hang on to those things you like. I'm sure you remember the arguments for COH Online that would never, never die. Unfortunately not everything you like is the same that someone else wants. So there is a new game. It may look and smell like the first, but it's deceptively different.

    If you go back and play the first game you may get the rush of the run and gun that made that game great. In the creep towards the illusion of realism we see how that game falls ever short. Doesn't mean I didn't like it.

    I play and enjoy COH2 for some of the same, but also for different reasons than I did vCOH. Picking pieces out of old or other games, no matter their seemingly easy relevance will fail to give an apples to apples comparison.

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    JorviktusJorviktus Posts: 5
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    My point isn't that it's not the same, it's that they had taken elements of what was brought with the British in coh 1 and then passed on to every other faction, while leaving the UKF in coh 2 with limited choices and infact lack off anything, if you take a good look at the faction as a whole. The Buttoning/piat combo not been there really does hurt it* which auto lock on will be added in this future patch*, you have to manually guide them, which I do and did in coh 1 also. Only with no buttoning has just made them impossible to use against higher tier players.

    The whole faction is also very commander dependent because of the lack of tools, sadly most of them are terrible or just broken and their bullintins are very limited. As I said it feels like the british was just an after thought after adding all the other factions and giving them the features that they once orginally had.

    And comparing the two is fair game as coh 2 is it's successor, sadly it seems there was no ideas left for the UKF.

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    pablonanopablonano YesterdayPosts: 2,549
    UKF from 1 or 2 only share name because the game its about ww2 and so they need to be called alike, but thats the only thing both have alike, both armies arent even based on the same time, just on the same date, having units or strats that are the same its just because those were british iconical stuff on the war, but one faction has absolutely nothing about things like "continuing the british".
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    For the most part the British forces are the same in both games, their core is still there. Sim city, defencive and so you can clearly compare them. Trying to dismiss what they were in the first game to the second is not even a solid arguement. We have piats which don't work without snares like buttoning and no making them lock on like the winter preview patch isn't an answer. My point is that they brought over the core of the former British and had given all those new additions they brought in coh 1, to the other factions and leaving the British with hardly anything with those mechanics.

    To add to this they then lock their capabilities they require through commanders, of which most just don't work well or atleast go well with the synergy of the commander you've been given, on top of that the buggy mess that they are. Snares on the AEC not working as intended, the sniper is a nice addition but honestly too much of a risk considering snipers will die. The faction as a whole just doesn't fit together. This isn't to say what the British have is bad but the fact that they have little of anything in regards to mechanics that they once had which is now slightly changed and placed in all factions that precede them.

    It leaves little to be desired in how they play out, in any given role. Hopefully the mod makers are able to change in future patches which I know they want to change the IS, which may give them some divesrty and synergy with their equipment as a whole.

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