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Guide to managing the Map Auto-Download bug

You know the problem, you join a game on a new map that you haven't played before, the map doesn't download and you just have a black map screen and then you get kicked.

This happens because you are subscribed to obsolete custom maps or objects (its usually maps).

Custom Maps and Objects become obsolete when the map or object in the Workshop that you have subscribed to, is removed from the workshop by the designer. When they remove it from the Workshop, your subscription is not removed and is just left hanging. This hanging subscription prevent Auto-download of new Maps in the Game Lobby. Technically this is a bug and should be fixed by Relic, but until they do, this is the workaround to get rid of the problem.

Restart or fire up COH2 from windows
Go to the Modding Hub

In the Main COH2 Menu:

  • click on Modding Hub,
  • click on the Manage Tab,
  • Set the "Filter Type" to "ALL".
  • Set the "Status Filter" to "UNSUBSCRIBED".
  • Press the refresh button "Check for New Subscriptions (round arrow)" on the right hand side.
    (note this is done automatically whenever you start COH2, but its easier to explain this process if you do it from the start)

Initially all content will be "UNSUBSCRIBED". The refresh process goes through all objects to validate that they are up to date and exist in the Workshop. As they are validated their status is changed to "SUBSCRIBED" and they are remove from the list.
The refresh process can take several minutes depending on how much custom content you have. I have over 600 custom maps, so it takes my PC about 5 - 10 minutes.

After Refresh is completed:
If you have an empty list of "UNSUBSCRIBED" objects, then you don't have a problem.
If there are one or more "UNSUBSCRIBED" objects remaining then this will prevent Auto-Download of Maps

Any Maps/Mods still "UNSUBSCRIBED" are probably obsolete eg they no longer exist in the Workshop

So manually check if they still exist in the Workshop, by clicking on the file and then click on "SHOW IN WORKSHOP" button.
If they exist there, then unsubscribe them and"RE-SUBSCRIBE".
If you can't unsubscribe or they don't exist in the workshop , then you cannot delete them from within COH2 you have to manually remove them from your hard drive.

Back in the Modding Hub/Manage list, take a note of the TYPE, and the full DATE and TIME from the DOWNLOADED field of all the unsubscribed Objects.
Exit from COH2, you cannot delete these files from Windows if COH2 is running.

Usually the unsubscribed objects will be obsolete MAPS (Scenario Packs)
All Objects including maps types will be found in the following windows directory on your PC/Laptop

C:/Documents/My Games/Company of Heroes 2/mods/

Specific types of objects will be found in the relevant sub directories

COH2 Type .... Windows sub-folder
Asset Pack...... : ASSETS/subscriptions
Decal................. : DECALS/subscriptions
Faceplates....... : FACEPLATES/subscriptions
Fatality.............. : FATALITIES/subscriptions (eg Victory Strikes)
Scenario Pack : SCENARIOS/subscriptions (eg MAPS)
Skins.................. : SKINS/subscriptions
Tuning Pack.... : TUNING/subscriptions (eg Mods)
Win Condition : GAMEMODE/subscriptions

All the custom files in these sub-directories are .SGA files, and they only have meaningless numeric names. How you identify the relevant file to delete is that you match the DATE MODIFIED (Date and Time) with the date and time of the UNSUBSCRIBED files you took note of above.

Its Best to order the files in the relevant directory by DATE MODIFIED, just click on the header "DATE MODIFIED" in Windows Explorer.
Find the .SGA with the same date and Time eg 11/05/2014 22:14 etc.
Two things to note
1) - month and day might be reversed in Windows Explorer depending on which country you are in eg 11/05 may be 11 May or 5 November. In COH2 Modding hub date format is MM/DD/YY
2) - Depending when the file was created it may be 1 hour out from whats shown in COH2 because of changes in Summer and Winter time.

When you identify the correct .SGA file, then delete it.
I have never found two maps with the exact same Date and Time, check minutes and seconds if necessary, and so you should never delete the wrong one.

When you have deleted all the obsolete files, restart COH2.
To double check all obsolete objects have been deleted then go back to Modding Hub and refresh again.
If you have deleted all the previously unsubscribed files, then everything should become subscribed and you will end up with a empty list. You should now be able to Auto-download Maps again.

This is a continuous maintenance task, because Custom Maps and Objects are continually being created then removed.
I tend to do the above process every 2 weeks or so to keep my custom files up to date, but more often than that if Auto-Download gets stuck.

Hope this helps.

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