[UKF][1v1] Two mortar pit spam + bs advanced emplacement commander OP

4 years ago

This is the most cheese game I have ever played in my life. It is a perfect example of how UP Wehr and how UKF literally ruined the game. NOTHING could've been tactically done. I've seen idiots on here state that 2 Wehr mortars counter a pit = LOL not with this commander?

The UKF can somehow still easily contest map control with two pits down. Somehow get two OP comets that insta repair and don't die (hilarious example was using a recon plane to attempt another attack and seeing his comet fully repaired by one engineer at the same pace as my two 'waste of pop cap' pioneers on my tiger...). Somehow still have infantry walking about, somehow still have AT/MG's placed on the mortat pits. Impossible to counter with flame HT/tanks. Right by his base. Cannot get infantry near. Covers 80% (I am not exaggerating here) of the map.

Nerf this awful commander and faction puuuuulease. Jesus H christ. Something needs to be done with this cancerous plague and it's effectiveness on 1v1 - where there are a LOT of small maps.

Solution: Can only build one at a time. Never in base. Brace costs munitions; much longer cool down.


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