[USF and Wehrmacht] [Campaigns] Sherman M4A3's skill I think is broken and I think other errors...

3 years ago
NapoqeNapoqe Posts: 60
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Hello everyone.

I'm here to report some errors I think of in Company of Heroes 2 campaigns.
First I will say of the skill of Sherman M4A3's...

HE Ammunition is broken I think, the skill makes the Sherman M4A3 can not attack until the effect of the skill ends.. This error only happened in the Ardennes Assault campaign, I think on any map.

Now a list of errors, which I think involves history and etc.

  1. Panzergrenadiers in the theater of war, Operation Barbarossa and Case Blue are giving very little damage to enemy infantry, little more of DPS than a Soviet team (crew guards).
  2. Stormtroopers can give upgrade to Panzerschreck and 4x StG 44. I think it has problem of historical authentication in some theater of war campaigns.
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