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3 years ago

Good evening, I want to ask whether you can improve this great game ?, and make heavier say that when you get wins 2000 and XP, and if so is losing 1,500
Would not it be better to do that if you win, you get 1500, or 2000 but if you lose, you get approximately 500 at 1500 for all users up Levels and it is very difficult when you have so many xp just get a few days as the oberkomanders I have already all Gaves Commander and the whole is no longer interesting when you do not get something new!
another question Is it possible to add more space in your inventory with the wars fought and perhaps but good to HUMAN to display enhancements that allow new tanks or the start of a bad tank to the best and it simply would be no defects, we shall not be required here and now we just proposed upgraded what would be interesting to play and grow tired

Sorry for my english, im from lithuanian.



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    3 years ago
    mintyminty Huntington BeachPosts: 19

    The solution to your first problem is to play a different faction if you find unlocking new items to be your favorite part of playing . I cant figure out what you are trying to say in the second part though. Are you suggesting that you should be notified when your opponent starts building tanks?

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