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3 years ago
HavencoHavenco Posts: 35
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For all the fellow compstompers out there, I've just released a small (less than 1 MB) mod. The tl;dr is that it's a Tuning Pack which aims to make games versus the AI more enjoyable.

Some highlights:

  • Bridges are no longer near indestructible (health and armor reverted to what they were a couple of years ago)

  • Rarely used units such as the Soviet KV-1 and KV-2, the OKW Flak Emplacement, the USF M8 Greyhound and the UKF Valentine Tank, just to mention a few, have been improved

  • The baseline infantry of all factions can now build sandbags and trenches

  • The baseline engineers of all factions can now build razor wire, reinforced steel barricades and tank traps

  • Mortars can now be garrisoned inside trenches

  • The AS.58 Horsa Glider HQ (from the UKF commander ability) is now repairable

  • The Tuning Pack does NOT include any custom units or make any aestethical changes to neither units, abilities nor the user interface (which I personally think is a plus, as I don't enjoy mods that make the game feel like a different one)

You can find the modification, as well as the full changelog, on the Steam Workshop:

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