OKW "Balance"

3 years ago

Hello Relic/SEGA.

Please let the OKW build fuel cache/munitions cache because u removed the fuel/ammo conversion.

And maybe cheaper trucks and tanks.....when Wehamacht already have PZ IV or other fcations, then OKW just building the Third truck...at the best....

OKW pay with fuel for:

Truck:15 fuel
Truck upgrades:15 fuel
Truck deploy:40-50-120 fuel.



First upgrade: 30 fuel
Second Upgrade: 110 fuel
Tank:100-110 fuel

sum: 250 fuel


Second Upgrade:
50 fuel (Mechanized Truck)
Third Upgrade:
120 fuel(flak truck)
Tank:135-150-200 fuel


When the OKW built his 1 panther UK almost already building his second truck.

SUM: If you want balance...just less cost for OKW tanks(maybe like as Wehrmacht) please and let have them caches...

Thank you very Much!


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