[OST][ALL] Grenadiers and You: a Forum Balance Think-Tank/Poll



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    3 years ago
    GrittleGrittle Posts: 993
    Grenadiers requires additional HP per model

    @PotatoMArk said:
    why is gren in cover not beat american out of cover walking? germany so bad is not beat amerca? america need no work or complain? american too strong for gren because all need is attack move and win, too strong with levels, not need cover, gren not have chance for no good reason.

    You might want to explain what you said more cohesively little buddy...

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    2 years ago
    MirlandMirland SpainPosts: 6
    Grenadiers requires an additional 5th man

    I would put 5 models per peloton but it would be like updating the British, not base, if not at the beginning of the game it would greatly increase its performance and where it is at the end of the game where many infantry units appear

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    2 years ago
    BaálthazorBaálthazor The shoreline by the river Styx.Posts: 1,092
    Grenadiers requires additional HP per model
    Let it rest in peace, dude... it fought long and hard.
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    2 years ago
    le12role12ro Posts: 2,332 mod
    edited November 2017
    Grenadiers need reduced price/reinforcement cost

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