How to copy ALL dependant attributes of a squad?

3 years ago
JLXJLX Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 29

I'm just getting into modding and am hoping someone with more experience can confirm a few things for me as I get started:

  • Squads (sbps) consist of Entities (ebps) which have Abilities, Upgrades & Weapons - right?

  • So, when cloning an Gren squad for example, if I want to retain all their existing characteristics, I need to not only clone the squad attributes but also the attributes for their associated Entities/Abilities/Upgrades/Weapons/etc. as well - correct? Otherwise, if in a future patch Grens had their movement speed doubled (the Squad would not prevent them from getting the new upgrade down the road. Is this assumption correct?

  • If what I've said above is indeed the way it works (as it appears to), then my question is: Is there a quick way to clone a squad AND ALL their dependant attributes? Or, do I have to manually check to see what upgrades/abilities/weapsons/et. they have and then make a point of cloning each of them one-by-one?

If I've made some bad assumptions (for example the dependencies between Squads/Entities/Abilities/etc.) I'd appreciate some clarification. Otherwise, even confirmation of what I've written would be helpful and save me some time.


P.S. Bonus question: If I want to rollback and adopt performance profiles from earlier versions of the game, is a way to do this? I can't see a way at this point after the game has been updated. So, I'm under the assumption that when making a mod, you can just clone current values and make changes from there. If there is a way to do this (or certain files I can save to let me do this in the future) please let me know.


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    3 years ago

    All of your assumptions are mostly correct :wink:

    Ebps is a single object, while sbps is a group of one or more ebps objects. That means that you can add upgrades and abilities to both of them. If your ebps has an upgrade, all squad members can use it individually (4 soldiers = 4x the upgrade). If the sbps has the upgrade, your squad can use it (1 squad = 1 upgrade).

    The modfiles are indeed of the live version and it's not possible to access previous versions. That means that you have to edit your cloned files when the live game gets an update (if you want the new values).

    It's not possible to clone all linked files at once, but you can find them really fast. Select the link that you need and press the spacebar, then that linked file will automatically open and you can clone it instantly.


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    3 years ago
    JLXJLX Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 29

    Thanks @Remco787. I appreciate the input. Very helpful.

    I'm sure I'll have more questions as I learn. Cheers.

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