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3 years ago
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Hello everyone.

I'm here to suggest a few things, and that involves balancing, but all involves Intel Bulletin.

First things I will suggest here, hides Intel Bulletin equipped for the enemies on the loading screen. But why? Because I think this, depending on, it makes you choose another Intel Bulletin, which depends will use little and did not have fun with it. Revealing to opponents, what units are improved, and depending on it will suspect units that will use, etc. Example: For me, if I see the enemy with 2 Intel Bulletin of Tiger, and a commander who can call him. I already have a great distrust that depends match will call he. And so with starting situation, I prepare against Tiger, with anti-tanks and / or commanders, etc ...

Other things I wish to talk, too, is to have new Intel Bulletin and try to balance.

  1. Fallschirmjäger have Intel Bulletin, which receives 10% more experience.
  2. Hold Line improves the construction of sandbags. + 10% faster.
  3. Panzerfaust of grenadiers, reduce munition cost by 4.
  4. Reduce speed bonuses to build 10.5cm leFH 18 Howitzer and ML-20 152MM GUN-HOWITZER from 50% to 25%.
  5. Reduce speed bonuses to build Pak 40, 43 and ZiS-3 76mm Divisional Field Gun from 50% to 25%.
  6. M1910 Maxim Heavy Gun Machine have Intel Bulletin, which little increase the arc.
  7. Sturmpioneers, Combat Engineer, Pioneers, Royal Engineers have Intel Bulletin which adds an additional 5% range for your flamethrower.
  8. Panzergranadiers have Intel Bulletin, which reduces the time by 15% for Panzershecks upgrade.
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